Maytag Mav 35 Ensignia washer

by Jason
(Los Angeles)

The machine is running without any strange noises or vibrations, however there is an electrical burning smell coming from the bottom front (correction) left side when facing the front of the unit.

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That is where is motor sits so the motor may be bad. What you need to do is take the front off and run the machine to see if you see the motor smoking. But before you do that look at the motor to see if there are any burnt spots.

It could also be the belt. When a belt burns it can smell similar to an electrical burning smell. Tilt the washer over and look at the belt to see if it has any bad places on it that may have caused the burning smell. If the motor is bad make sure the water pump will turn freely because the water pump on these washers will typically get hard to turn, which will burn the belt off.

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motor access
by: jason

I pulled the belt off and made sure tension was good and belt looked OK, both seemed fine. Then I put the washer back upright. I popped the top, but couldn't figure out how to access the motor. I could see the motor from above. Is it necessary to release the springs to pull the tub? Seemed like a big procedure. I put everything back and made sure the unit was level (not sure it was before and maybe this was problem) and ran a test run with no burning smell. I would like to take a look at the motor though and make sure it looks good. If you have any suggestions on how to best access the motor I'd appreciate it.

Best- Jason

pulling front off
by: jason

Shawn, you mentioned pulling the front off to check the motor so that answered my question about pulling the tub. Does the front just pop off the way the top does?

Thanks Again- J

by: Shawn

I am not 100% familiar with this model but I am almost sure this is how it comes off. When you get the top up there should be two screws the point forward, once you remove the screws the front should come off.

The burning smell could have just been a fluke but I would look at the motor anyway. Make sure you run it on all cycles when you check it. The motor may work on one speed fine and smoke on the other (if it has more than one speed).

Thank you,

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