Maytag Clothes Washer Model LA506 will not agitate

by Wayne Falk
(Wilmington, DE )

Washer fills with water OK, but timer does not advance and agitation does not start. By advancing the timer manually, I can initiate the drain and spin cycles. The water level switch seems to be working OK as the water valve shuts off upon reaching the lowest water level setting and the water valve will re-open if I increse the water level setting. The lid switch also seems to be working OK as the spin cycle is interrupted when I lift the lid and lid switch is engaged. The transmission seems ok as I can manually turn the transmission pulley in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions with minimal resistance. Upon manually advancing the timer to the spin cycle, the motor is activated and turns the transmission pulley in the clockwise direction. The motor does not turn on to rotate the transmission pulley in the counterclockwise direction for the agitation cycle. I replaced the timer today but the probem remained the same. I noted in another problem situation, a responder suggested that the fuse be checked...I am not aware of a fuse within this washer.

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Hi Wayne,

Here is the Parts Breakdown
iconfor your washer.

There is a fuse on the lid switch but if it were blown it wouldn’t spin. But check it anyway it is located in the control panel near the lid switch.

You say the water level switch is working i.e it cuts the water off but have you checked it with a meter. The reason I ask is the water level control not only breaks the water valve circuit but it also makes the motor circuit for agitation mode. You will have to disconnect power from the washer and remove the wires from the water level switch. With the tub full of water there should be continuity between the #7 terminal and the #16 terminal.

If that checks out ok you are going to have to look for loose wires because have already changed the timer (which would have been if first guess even though they give very little trouble). The motor is most likely ok being that it will start in spin. The parts break down shows a one speed motor if yours has a two speed motor post a comment and I will tell you more to check.

Thank you,

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Maytag Clothes Washer Model LA506 Problem Resolved
by: Wayne Falk

Shawn/Administrator has provided the correct diagnosis for my Maytag Clothes Washer Agitation Problem. There is no continuity between the #7 and #16 terminals when the tub is full of water. Without continuity, the operation of the timer and agitator motor is prevented. I have bypassed the interlock on temporary basis to permit use of washer until I obtain a replacement water level controller. With this bypass, however, the washer must be filled with water before adding clothes.

Thanks SHAWN !!!

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