Maytag Bravos : Won't drain

by Matt

The washing machine cycles but when it should drain it flashes an LD code which it talks about a clogged drain hose. Hose is fine. I manually drained it, ran a rinse & spin cycle & it drained fine.
Just did a load of towels and it's doing the same won't drain!!??

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Hi Matt,

Right off I will tell you that my experience with this machine is very limited. With that being said this is how you should go about checking it.

First there is a tube that runs from the bottom of the tub to the main motor control board. The control monitors the water level in the tub by the amount of pressure in the tube. If that line is off, crimped or clogged you may get this error code. The machine puts up this error code when the water level doesn’t change (which is monitored by the control through the tube) when the pump is activated.

If the tub isn’t clogged I am almost sure the main control board is going to be bad. This is especially true if the water is pumping out fine at the same time the error code is being displayed.

Now if the error code is being displayed and the water isn’t pumping out there could be a loose connection. Of the few machines like this I have worked on most of them had a loose connection at the water pump, which could cause an intermittent draining problem. This could cause the code to be displayed then when you try it again it works. What I have had to do to over half if the machines like this that I have worked on, was cut the wires at the pump and reconnect new wire ends on the wire to repair the problem.

So check for a loose connection at the pump and check for a loose or clogged tube. If both attempts fail to repair the machine more than likely the main motor control is bad.

Thank you,

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maytag bravos
by: Anonymous

i have the same problem and checked for clogs but found none, but did find that the drain pump wants to cycle but not enuff pressure to push water out so im buying a new pump .. hope this helps

Maytag Bravos need to be recalled
by: Anonymous

I too have had the same problem with my 2 year old maytag washing machine. As a single mom with three kids this is the last problem I needed. I've dumped a lot of money into perchasing this machine. I am very dissapointed in the quality maytag has manufactured and would not recommend any of there machines to anyone. I feel bad because I've talked my family members into buying them and they are having problems too.

Maytag Bravos won't drain
by: Mary

we also had the same problem. First it started out with the "sd" code and then the "ld" code. we new it was a drain problem, so after messing with it for over a day, my husband dragged it outside and had to remove the back to get to the rest of the hose hiding inside and had to drain all the water out after disconnecting the hose from the pump at the bottom and it was clogged with bobbie pins and lint he cleaned it all out, reconnected it and it works. drains with no problem now. we almost bought a new washer because of the issue but with some patience and a strong husband it was fixed.HU

Maytag Bravos
by: Anonymous

Evidently 2 years is all they are designed to last. Everyone I know that has one has non-stop problems. Maytag was bought by Whirlpool. No one makes quality appliances anymore

same problem-won't drain
by: Stevie

Not only will this 3 year old Maytag Bravos not drain, it will not even turn off. I have to unplug it or cut the circuit breaker. Our previous Kenmore lasted over 20 years. Maytag is NOT what it used to be. Not worth the premium prices charged for these machines!

YIKES dishrag
by: Anonymous

omg, did what you did and found a dishrag. lol glad didnt call service

Ld code, wouldn't drain
by: Anonymous

So I followed the advice, and took it apart only to find one of the kids socks, one of my socks, and get this, an ENTIRE pair of denim jeans that my wife couldn't find anywhere.

The washer was smelling foul for about 6 months, and once I got it apart, I discovered why. The jeans smelled like a dead animal. Absolutely disgusting. Washer works perfectly now. My advice if you smell something foul, or it won't drain and you get the ld code, TAKE it APART. It's very easy to do. Took less then an hour to do everything, and you don"t have to Hal it outside.

same problems
by: Anonymous

I am on my second Maytag washer. And just ran back into the same problem again that it wont cycle and wont go into the rinse cycle. My last Maytag set lasted over ten years but I can't get six months out of the bravos before trouble starts. Maytags quality has really went down.

LD code, won't drain
by: Lonnie in Lakebay

This is the worst washer and dryer pair I have ever owned. I've pulled the washer out to repair it at least 10 times in the last 3 years and the dryer maybe 3 (sensor failure, timer, etc). The washer has had constant pump failures (it has two, which is great for conserving water) and a control board failure. Now the drain pump is flakey again & the main motor sounds like it's loosing it's bearings (who knows, maybe it only has bushings). Time to scrap 'em both. This time I'm going for a pair of LG's- at least they have good customer service. I am so fed up with all the junk appliances anymore. Our first set in the '80's was a simple Kenmore set. After 10 years and maybe 1 service, we sold them with the house. The good old days...

Bravos ld code quick fix
by: David Ladd

When our Maytag Bravos wouldn't spin and drain the ld code came on. I came online and was told to pull the washer out from the wall, then tip the top back so I could get under it and remove the drain hose and see if something was pluging it. I decided if something was in the drain hose maybe I could just blow it out.I held the end of the hose tight in my and and blew into it, I could hear the water bubbling so I set the dial to rinse and spin. The ld code went out and the machine completed spinning and draining.Try this before you call a repair person. It worked for me.

wont spin
by: Anonymous

My 3yr old Bravos wont spin dry it starts to then i hear click click from the back then it stops, so i had to hand ring a load of towels. Is something loose in the back?

wont spin
by: Anonymous

My 3yr old Bravos wont spin dry it starts to then i hear click click from the back then it stops, so i had to hand ring a load of towels. Is something loose in the back?

Ld code
by: Anonymous

Read everyone's notes, so I tipped washer on its front to check out the drain pump. One of the thin wires to the pump had severed at the connection point. A quick resplice, and back in business. Hope this helps!

Can NOT believe it! Fixed!
by: Anonymous

My husband & I couldn't believe everyone saying that they pulled clothes out of the hoses, We were about to give up on a simple fix for my LD code, but I told my husband after he checked all the other hoses except the short L shaped hose at the bottom of the drum, but he checked it & sure enough, there was a pair of polka dot panties stuck in there, it took a lot of tugging & pulling, to get them out, but he did & now (fingers crossed) so far the washer is working perfectly! Thank you to everyone on this forum for the info.

by: Jp

I took off hose at pump and there was a quarter.... Washer works great cater

LD code and non drain symptoms
by: Malfunctiong Bravos Rick

Yep! We experienced several of the symptoms described on this forum....stinking washer, LD code, non drain. And following the advice of several forum contributors I tilted the back of the washer up; removed "L" hose between tub and pump....and found the remains of daughter's butt floss panties. Be prepared when removing "L" hose that ALL water left in washer will exit and one will probably have to remove rear panel to access other end of "L" hose. But nothing a few hours won't cure! Thanks to ALL of the advice on this forum!

by: Joshua


Same symptoms
by: Anonymous

Washer won't drain. I unhooked the drain hose and found bobby pins, underwire from a bra and purple lint wadded up. Hooked it back up and started again. Turned water back on and it worked fine up until the drain cycle,The the same problem happened,stopped working and an ld code came on. Had to drain the tub of all the water again. No easy task. I took the motor off. Shows continuity but has a brown flakey ring of something on the windings under the magnet. Don't know if this is the problem since there is no open circuit or if it is the control board.


I would say the motor is bad. The winding don't have to be open for the motor to be bad.

Thank you,

Broken wire
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem, mine ended up being a broken wire to the pump. I removed the connector and found the 2nd wire was almost ready to break off as well. Secured both wires back in, fired it up and she drained right down. I feel relieved it was that simple.

by: Anonymous

Same is as the rest machine won't DRAIN. Our machine is about 7yrs old. It has rusted severely. Maytag sent me a new lid as a courtesy. Now it won't drain followed all in recommendations here. Did find a dog hair clog. Cleaned that up. Wiped everything down. Put it back together. The cycle started and IT WON'T DRAIN. Stopped the cycle and it continues to run. Had to unplug to stop the matching.

I surely hope this isn't a fire hazard.

Happy ever after
by: SouthernIndiana

Our problem started with the sd error and the the ld error. My husband took the back off cleaned the small hose of hair pins and lent. Thank you all for taking the time to post. We are back in business!!!

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