making humming noise

by maria

Magtag Model pye2300ayw makes a humming noise when in cycle. Works great just makes noise.

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Hi Maria,

There are a few things that will make this dryer noisy but the most likely is the blower. These models are notorious for a bad blower wheel causing it to become noisy.

To access the blower wheel disconnect power, remove the front panel then remove the front brace that holds the drum in place. Once off you should see the blower housing. Wiggle the blower and if there is any loose play replace it.

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If that isn’t the problem there are rollers that the drum rides on. At times they will cause the dryer to become noisy. You will have to remove the tub to access the rollers. Once you get to them spin them fast by hand and if they spin roughly replace them.

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Thank you,

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by: Maria

Shawn, thanks for your quick response. I will work on my dryer on Thursday and let you know which problem it was. THANKS!

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