Loud grinding sound when my GE front load washer spins

by Renee
(Gaylord, Michigan)

GE energy star washer WCVH6800JOMS- This washer was purchased in march of 2009 and over the months when it enters the spin cycle it make a grinding sound- only when it spins. I do not over load it, it doesn't seem to be off balance, it doesn't vibrate or move while spinning. what could be the cause?

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There could be something in the water pump but if this were the case it will start making the noise before the spin gets going fast. If this is the case try cleaning out the pump.

The last time I worked on a front loader with a similar problem a penny had somehow gotten under the spin basket and when the tub got up to speed it would lift up and make a terrible racket. Does it sound like this could be the problem?

There is a bearing at the back of the spin basket that could be bad. Replacing that bearing would be a pretty big job so you will have to know for sure that is the problem before venturing into it.

The pulley on the back could be loose but that would typically make it off balance. Check it out anyways. Also check to make sure the belt looks ok.

Other than that I don’t know you will have to pinpoint where the noise is coming from and go from there.

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Don't Buy a GE Front Loader
by: Anonymous

WE bought a GE Front Loader from Lowes. The first 2 models were so loud we complained and each time they brought another one out. On the third one, the manager at Lowes asked if he could send a GE rep out to look at it. The GE rep said that is the way it is and left us with it. The Lowes manager said he's credit us if we wanted to go with another brand (Hat's off to Lowes for standing by the customer when GE would not!) and we should have taken him up on it. The washer is so loud in spin cycles that the neighbors even complain. The lint trap is a literal pain to get to...generally speaking, it was a 1200.00 dollar piece of crap that we are stuck with.

Packing bolts
by: Anonymous

Did you look in the back of the machine to make sure they removed the packing bolts?

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