Kenmore freezer is not making ice, model #106.55242400

by Jeancanoga park, ca

I have a Kenmore refrigerator model #106.55242400 had stopped making ice but water dispenser is working fine. This is the second time that the ice maker is not making ice. Last time my dad thawed the clog from the ice making tube then remove the water. Then it was working for a few months. Until now it's happening again. Please help me fix it. Is there anyway I can prevent it from clogging again? Thanks for all your help!


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Hi Jean,

The water valve almost always causes this but low water pressure can also cause this. Low water pressure can be caused by a clogged or old water filter if your refrigerator has one.

If you don’t have low water pressure the water valve is the problem. What happens is that a small amount of water will try to seep into the icemaker from the valve because it isn’t completely shutting off. But because it is just a little bit of water it never makes it into the icemaker, instead it freezes in the tube and eventually the tube completely clogs the tube.

Here is a picture link to the water valve that fits your refrigerator.


Thank you,

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by: Jean

Hi Shawn,

Thank you very much for explaining the nature of how the water valve works. I've take note and will look into it.


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