Kenmore 665.15812990 dishwasher.

by Larry

Just replaced electronic control board, now "quick rinse" light keeps blinking and nothing works. Lost manual, so I don't know if there's anything in 'troubleshooting guide' to clear this. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Larry,

On a lot of controls there is a model select wire, which connects to nothing, but it “tells” the control what model it is on. On a lot of controls it will just blink if you leave this plug off. I couldn’t tell if yours has one or not but look at the old control to see if you may have left the plug off. If it is still on the old control take it off and install it onto the new control.

If you didn’t leave it off or there isn’t one you may have a bad control but I am not sure because I couldn’t find a service manual on that model to see what the blinking light means.

If you look under the dishwasher you should find a mini manual which will tell you what the blinking light means if I am wrong about the model select plug.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,

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