Icemaker not working

by Brandon
(Houston, TX)

I have a Fridgidaire, model # FRS26R4A bought in 2002. We recently had a storm blow through our area and we lost power for about 7 hours. Not sure if that matters, but ever since our electricity came back on the icemaker has not worked. I removed the icemaker, which had ice in it and ran warm water over it and removed the ice. Put it back in and plugged in the connection. Both gears, small and big on the the front of the unit seem fine except they are very hard to turn. The water dispenser works fine. I unscrewed the water to the back of the freezer and it does not seem to be frozen. I tried the reset technique I read on your site by lifting the arm to turn it off for over 30 seconds and pushing it back down 3 times. No luck. The temperature in both the firdge and freezer are normal. Any guidance would be much appreciated!


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Hi Brandon,

What you need to do is pull on the arm that ejects the ice out of the icemaker. Pull it until it turns a ¼ of a turn or so, then it should cycle on its own. If it cycles and will not run water then the water valve is most likely bad. To be sure you will have to check for voltage on the water at the end of the icemaker cycle with a voltage tester.

If it will not cycle then there is a loose connect or one of the switches in the icemaker is bad.

If the icemaker will cycle and run water but will not dump the ice then the thermostat in the icemaker is bad or the freezer is not cold enough. The freezer should be around 0.
I am sorry for your confusion but the reset was for GE Electronic models only. I will say that GE’s mechanical icemaker is almost exactly like the icemaker on your refrigerator so you can more or less go by that page under mechanical icemaker.

Thank you,

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Icemaker not working
by: Brandon

Thank you, Shawn. I appreciate your reply. When you say pull on the arm that ejects the ice, I can turn the gears for the same result, correct? I tried that and the unit did not respond. I rechecked the connections too. The temperature is definitely cold enough. If it is the water valve, can I simply replace the icemaker? Not exactly sure what or where the water valve is and if it is part of the icemaker or not. Thanks again, this is a great site!


by: Shawn

You can turn the gears but I am not sure how far to turn them. If you turn the gears enough for the arm to turn ¼ turn or so the icemaker should continue to turn on its own. If not there is a switch in the icemaker that is bad and replacing the icemaker will fix your problem. This is assuming that there isn’t a loose connection coming to the icemaker.

Very few refrigerators are like this but some have to have the door closed for the icemaker to work so press the door switch to see if that makes a difference. Also make sure the door switch turns the light on and off.

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