Icemaker Installation Guide

If you want to upgrade your refrigerator to have an icemaker but don’t want to pay someone to install it, this icemaker installation guide can help. Icemakers are easy to install and with help from this guide you can install your icemaker yourself.

Before you start the icemaker installation you will need to buy a few things: an icemaker kit that will fit your refrigerator, a water line, a fittings and a valve. The part number for the kit that fits GE refrigerators is IM6. The part number that fits most other brands is 1129313. But for Frigidaire refrigerators order by model number. Refrigerator ice makers on sale - Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE and others.

The water line must be ¼ O.D and I recommend PEX or copper pipe. PEX is more flexible and won’t crimp as bad as copper, so I use PEX pipe. You also will need at least two ¼ inch brass nuts and compression sleeves. Make sure that if you use PEX pipe, that the compression sleeve is plastic.

You will also need a valve to attach to your house plumbing. There are two types of valves you can use: an inline tee and a saddle valve (tap-a-line). The saddle valve will work only if your house has copper water pipes. The saddle valve is the easiest to install, just bolt it onto the line and turn it on. But if you have any other kind of water line besides copper, you must use an inline tee. To use this type of line you must cut off all of your water then cut the water line where you intend to install the valve. Then install the valve, turn the water back on and check for leaks.

Once you have all the necessary materials it is time to get started on icemaker installation. The first thing you need to do is locate the cold water line that you will install the valve. Note that in order for your icemaker to be efficient, you must install the valve on the cold water line. If the refrigerator is located so that you can run the water line through the kitchen cabinets and under the sink, install the water valve under the sink. But sometimes you can’t do this so install the water valve under the house on the nearest cold water line. Once the valve is installed, it is time to run the water line.

Using a 3/8-inch drill bit, drill necessary holes to reach the location of the valve. Note that you must drill the hole as close to the wall as possible so that you can push the refrigerator all the way back without crimping the line. Then hook to the valve you installed on your house plumbing.

Now it is time to install the icemaker kit. There are installation instructions with icemaker kits, use them along with these tips. First, locate the hole in the back of the refrigerator that the fill tube will be installed in (its probably covered with tape). Some refrigerators have a fill tube installed from the factory. Locate the fill tube in the kit and install it but don’t pull off the sticky tape or screw it on just yet.

Next, look at the receptacle that the icemaker plugs into, then look at the plug and determine which (if any) wire adapter you need. Then install the icemaker. Now look at the fill tube and determine if it needs to be cut to fit into the icemaker fill cup. If so, pull it back out of the back of the refrigerator and cut it to the correct length. Then pull the sticky tape off the back of the fill tube or screw it on.

Now remove the back off the refrigerator and install the valve on the same side that the fill tube is on. Note that there should be wires to plug the valve in close to where you should install the valve. Once the valve is installed, run the plastic line up the back of the refrigerator to the fill tube and shove the line inside the fill tube. There should be a clamp inside the kit to use, so the fill tube doesn’t leak.

Now hook the water line that you installed earlier to the refrigerator valve. Turn on the water at the valve you installed on your house plumbing and check for leaks. All that’s left is to place the ice bin under the icemaker and wait. You are now finished with icemaker installation and your ice bin should be full within 48 hours but most of the time it won’t take that long.

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