Ice maker-water keeps pouring and arm doesn't move

by Angela
(Longview, TX)

My Kemore ice maker arm will not move and the water keeps pouring into the tray. It hasn't worked for a long time so I replaced all the tubing then found the tube going into the freezer was frozen solid. Fix all that and now the water just continues to pour in and overflows. I have done the testing from the previous page and the dial moves and the it goes through the cycle except the arm moving. Last night there was ice in the tray but I don't think the "teeth" were in the right spot to move the ice out of the tray. From what I can tell the arm looks in place. Any other suggestions?

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Hi Angla,

The biggest problem with Kenmore is I don’t know who made it. Some Kenmore refrigerators have GE icemakers and some have Whirlpool icemakers.

When the icemaker is in the process of overflowing unplug the refrigerator and if the water stops the problem is in the icemaker and if the water continues (after the refrigerator is unplugged) replace the water valve.

If the problem is in the icemaker it may be fixable or you might need to replace the whole icemaker. In any case I will need the model number to tell which icemaker it has so that I can tell you if there is a chance to repair the icemaker or not.

If the arm you are talking about is the wire that goes up and down that will not cause the icemaker to overflow but if you are talking about the arm that forces the ice out the icemaker that could be the reason for the overflow.

Thank you,

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by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your quick reply! I did as you suggested and the water kept flowing after I unplugged the refrigerator. So I guess my next project is to replace the wate valve that connects to the plumbing of the house. As I was doing that I noticed that is tray have ice in it and the dial sounds and looks like it is having a hard time turning. Could the freezer be too cold? The arm I was refering to is the silver one that you lift up and down. It doesn't move at all. The model number of the refrigerator is 9751754. Thank you for all your help! If anything I will just keep buying ice but that is exspensive.

by: Shawn

Just so I know we are on the right page, the valve I was talking about is the one that is attached to your refrigerator.

If that metal arm doesn’t move up and down the icemaker will make too much ice (ice will over flow the ice bin) but that is another problem all together.

water valve
by: Anonymous

can someone please tell me how to replace this water valve? I have this same problem. The water will not shut off it just keeps overflowing with everything icing over. I have had to disconnect the water line from the back of the fridge.

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