ice maker working properly but bottom ice is forming and the hole are blocked

by Raheem

I have Electrolux Double door Frost Free Regrigerator. In the top ice making department ice maker working properly but bottom ice is forming in the bottom thermocol area. Due to this hole are blocked and refrigerator bottom part not cooling.

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Please give me the model number so I can try to figure out where the ice if forming at.

Thank you,

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Model No:
by: Anonymous

Model No: Electrolux Defrost Refrigerator ERP 245 FF

Top Freezer
by: Shawn

That is not a model number but I stuck what you gave me into Goggle and at least could find that it is a top freezer.

A clogged drain typically causes this. Take the back out of the freezer, once done you should see the coils and directly under the coils there is a drain hole. This drain hole will be covered in with ice if it is clogged. In which case remove the ice and clean out the drain. The best way that I know of to clean the drain out is to force hot water down it with a turkey baser until water flows freely. Then mix baking soda with water and pour it down the drain to prevent this from happening again anytime soon.

Then use hot water to clean out the air ducts that feed cold air to the fresh food section.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,

I have clean with normal water
by: Anonymous

Thanks you quick response. I have clean with normal water blow the air with vaccum cleaner several times. When I do this cooling is working properly for 10 days after 10 days again the ice is forming. Is there any problem for this, how can i check give me solution.

by: Shawn

You got to clean the drain; I don’t think you can do it with a vacuum cleaner. The hole directly under the coils is the drain. When you get finished water should drain down the hold at a fairly good rate. The turkey baser is the best thing that I have found to do this.

water it's flowing very well
by: Anonymous

I pour the water it's flowing very well. I done this before.

by: Shawn

It could be the icemaker leaking. Typically this is caused by the tube that feeds the icemaker water will be partially clogged. Pull on the arm of the icemaker that pushes the ice out of the icemaker. When it rotates a little let it go and it should cycle on its own. Watch it when the water comes in to see if it leaks. A lot of times if the icemaker is leaking there will be a ball of ice under the tube.

If that isn’t the problem it has got to be something with the drain. I don’t like recommending this because it stinks so badly, but try pouring bleach down the drain. Also if the drain line is attached to the back of the refrigerator take it off and make sure it is nice and clean. I hope you get it fixed!!

ice maker not working
by: Anonymous

The ice maker does not produce ice. I cleaned the drain (under the coils) , which were clogged. Exchanged the water filter. Water flows well nto the ice tray. What else could be the reason that th ice maker is not working properly? Or could have been the build up ice due to a clogged drain be the problem???

by: Shawn/admin

If the temperature inside the freezer is cold enough (around 0 degrees) and you have water coming to the icemaker the only thing it could be is the icemaker itself. Some icemakers you can replace parts on but most of the time you are better off replacing the whole icemaker.


the ice maker works fine it's the water that flows in the back of the freezer, that feeds the ice maker freezes. like a frozen water fall back there. it's a GE side by side year 2000

by: Shawn/admin

The valve on the refrigerator causes this, replace it and your problem should go away.

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