ice maker not working


I read your suggestions for "Electronia Style No Ice". I did get one cycle, but nothing further - green light is on steady, but did get flashing at one point.

There is fozen cubes in the tray.

If it is a dead icemaker - how difficult to put in yourself, and how much are they?

I have good water pressure in the house - and water is working in door.

My icemaketr is identical to your picture electronic Style No Ice

Carma Pooley

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Sometimes the flashing means the icemaker is stuck and at times all you have to do is disconnect it for a few minutes, plug it back in and it will go back to work. If this doesn’t work then you will have to replace it icemaker. This is assuming that the temperature in the freezer is ok (around 0 degrees).

At some point this icemaker has been replaced because it had the old mechanical style icemaker originally. The only you get now is most likely going to be the mechanical style again because they have gone back to the mechanical style (I think for good but who knows).

It will be very easy to install and don’t let me scare you by saying I don’t know which style you will get because installation will be the same. The only difference will be the electronic ones will have an on and off electrical switch and the mechanical will either have a slide mechanical lever or a wire feeler arm to turn it on and off.

There will be a wire adapter that you will have to use and sometimes I use a wire tie to strap the wire in place (this may or may not be necessary). Then you install the fill cup, which is just the little plastic cup that attaches to the back of the icemaker. If the one on your old icemaker is different you can use it instead of the new one (only if necessary). Then it is just a matter of taking two screws out of the old icemaker and installing the new one right back into place. There will be installation instructions with the icemaker that will give you more details then I can if you need them but it is pretty straight forward.

Here is a link to where you can purchase your icemaker.


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Dec 06, 2014
Same problem
by: Ed

Mine is an LSS25XSWASS GE side by side and I get one cycle only too after I turn the switch off for 30 seconds, then back on and cycle the over fill paddle 3 times. I have plenty of water pressure since I replaced the filter, filter head and water valves and have no clogged lines. So since it is electronic, I will probably need to replace the ice maker too.

Dec 08, 2014
Water valve
by: shawn

Yes, if you replaced the filer and the valve all that is left is the icemaker. Make sure the tube that fills the icemaker isn't clogged with ice.

Dec 08, 2014
Tube is clear
by: Ed

The fill tube is clear. I turn the icemaker off for 30 seconds, then back on and move the paddle 3 times and it cycles the ice every time. It is too bad there is not an adjustment in the electronics to correct this. I guess I will go get a new one. Thanks for all the help.

Dec 09, 2014
by: shawn/admin

Yes replace the icemaker and your problem should be solved.

Dec 09, 2014
Problems with new icemaker
by: Ed

Hi Sean, Yesterday I installed the new icemaker and the fridge started chattering, the green light flashing, and the water kept filling the ice cube tray to over flowing. So I turned the ice maker off. Shut the water off and when I turned the ice maker back on, it flashed green momentarily, then steady. So I turned the water back on. It did one fill and may have emptied. Today I tried the off for 30 seconds then on and the paddle three times in and out several times today, but it won't cycle. Any ideas?

Dec 10, 2014
by: shawn

It sounds like you need to replace the icemaker.

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