ice maker not working

by Joy
(Sandston, vA)

Hello, I have a Whirlpool Side by Side Model # ED27DQXBW00, water is coming through the door, but no ice. I pulled it out and it appears that there is water is not making it into the ice maker. The water tube has about 1 1/2 inches of "air" at the top, so I assume there is maybe some type of pump that pushes the water to the ice maker. I am confused and would appreciate any advice you can give me. Is it worth fixing a 16 year old refrig? I cannot afford to replace it at this time and would like to repair it if it all possible THANKS!

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Hi Joy,

In my opinion it is worth fixing especially if you don’t want to replace the refrigerator. It should be a lot less expensive to repair. You will be looking at $40-$140 to repair it if you do-it-yourself.

Here are the Replacement parts in WHIRLPOOL ED27DQXBW00

Remove the front cover off the icemaker. Once off you should see holes marked with letters. Place a jumper wire from test hole T to H. Once done the icemaker should start the cycle. At the end of the cycle the water valve should activate and run water.

If it doesn’t run water take the jumper and place it in L and V. Once done the water valve should activate and run water. If not the water valve is most likely the problem.

Make sure the jumper is insulated! Just skin it on each end about 1/2 inch or so.

Also check to make sure the tube that feeds the icemaker water isn’t clogged with ice. If it is clean the ice out and replace the water valve.

Thank you,

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