Ice maker not working after removing tray with arm in down position

by Betty
(Nokomis, Florida)

Whirlpool ED5NTQXKQ01

My daughter pulled the ice cube tray out without raising the arm and now it does not work. I do not get any water in the tube leading to the icemaker but water does come out of the front of the door. Do I need to unplug the refrigerator before trying your "jumper" method? I am female and know nothing about electricty and don't want to get electrocuted at this time. How would I know if the module is bad?

Thank you.


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Hi Betty,

First lets check something else. The wire that you lift up to turn the icemaker off, make sure it is in the hole of the icemaker head as it should be.

Next check the tube that feeds the icemaker water to see if it is clogged with ice and if so remove the ice and replace the water valve.

If you must do the jumper wire test make sure you use a insulated wire and yes you can put the jumper in place with the refrigerator unplugged then plug it back in. You just have to make sure the jumper is in place good so that it doesn’t fall out and it makes contact. If you are not comfortable doing this you may need to call a professional but if you feel ok about it proceed.

What I really think may have happen is the wire go knocked out of place when she removed the ice bin so look at that before proceeding.

Thank you,

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Thank You
by: Betty


Thank you for the information. The arm is in it's proper place and seems to move like it's fine. I tried the jumper but nothing happened. There is no water in the line coming into the back of the refrigerator. Do you think the module is bad or a water valve?

Thank you so much for your help.


Water Valve/motor
by: Shawn/admin

If you placed the jumper in V to L and nothing happened the more than likely the water valve is the problem. Note that it still could be in the icemaker but more times than not this will be the water valve.

If you placed the jumper from T to H and nothing happen then the motor/modular is bad.

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