Ice maker not producing ice

by Christina
(Bay Shore, NY)


I have a Frigidaire Gallery Series model FRS20ZSH, serial#LA02907524 made in 2000. It has stopped making ice. It has always made a truckload of ice. A few months back, I came home to vats of ice all over the kitchen floor. Thought it was a fluke. Kept an eye on it, never happened again. Now, it has stopped producing all together. I disconnected the hose but the water is coming out fine. Question is, can it be that the water supply valve needs to be replaced even if the water is still coming out of dispenser? Also, will replacig the valve increase the flow that water is dispensed because mine is fairly slow. I am determined to fix this myself. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Christina,

To answer your first question, yes it still can be the water valve. All that really tells you is you have water coming to the refrigerator. As for your second question if you determine that the water valve is bad, replacing it may increase the flow at the dispenser but most likely not.

The very first thing you should check is the tube that feeds the icemaker water. If it is clogged with ice remove the ice. If the tube is clogged most of the time I suggest replacing the water valve but you say you have low water pressure, which can cause the tube to freeze. Low water pressure is more than likely caused by a bad water filter.

Even if the tube isn’t frozen the first thing I suggest replacing is the filter.

If the filter doesn’t repair the problem let us know and we will go from there. However if the tube is clogged with ice and you replace the filter but it freezes back replace the water valve.


Thank you,

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Jan 04, 2013
Icemaker still not making ice
by: Ron

We have gone through the check list of trouble shooting. Changed the water filter, checked the hoses and tube. Installed a new dual water valve and a microswitch inside the icemaker. Spring came lose but I think I reinstalled it correctly as per your diagram and arm has spirng to it. If If I pour water in manually it produces ice. But still no water going into tray. Any suggestions for a fix.

Jan 05, 2013
by: Shawn/admin

Assuming the temperature is ok in the freezer it sounds like you need to replace the icemaker.

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