Ice maker not making ice

by Scott

My Kenmore Coldspot 106.58212400 will not make ice. I have followed your instructions on this forum. When we used a jumper lead in L and V, water entered at the rear of the freezer into the ice maker. When we jumped T and H, the gear cycled and the feeler arm lifted and after 1 complete revolution the feeler arm dropped back down. However, water didn't enter the ice maker. You mentioned several outcomes from this test except this one. Please advise.
Thank you

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Hi Scott,

This is a rare case and I believe it is because the mold heater is bad. You will have to replace the icemaker to correct the problem. If you look on the parts list you may see that they will sell you just the mold heater but I highly recommend replacing the whole icemaker.

Thank you,

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May 03, 2011
We sorted it
by: Scott

Hello Shawn,

It turned out that a comment you made in your instructions was in fact relevant. Because we had the freezer door open a lot during this episode the freezer had lost heat. Therefore the thermostat wasn't allowing the water to enter the freezer because obviously it wouldn't freeze and would make a mess. Whilst pondering this and looking on your site for further info we heard the freezer make a familiar sound. (The freezer was cooling back to normal and making ice)!
So..... thanks for your comprehensive and accurate info. You were spot on with you previous answers and solutions.
I hope this forum will be really comprehensive for anyone with similar problems in the future.

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