ice maker not making ice

I have a Kenmore side by side Refrigerator. Model # 57767791. We could not get any water or ice out of the dispenser. We had a repair guy come out and he said it needed a new water inlet valve. Easy to replace and save money he told me to buy and put I did. Now I can get water from the dispenser but it still doesn't make any ice. I have made sure the ice bin is in place, arm is down and still nothing. What do you suggest now.
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First just to be sure make sure you plugged the wire on to the valve good.

Next make sure the tube that fills the icemaker isn’t clogged with ice and if so clean out the ice and you should be good to go.

Remove the front cover off the icemaker and you should see some test holes. Make a jumper wire and jump from the test hole marked V and L. When you do this water should run into the icemaker and if not there is something wrong with the water valve such as loose wire, clogged line or a bad water valve (I know you just replace it).

If water does run the best thing to do is to replace the icemaker you can repair the icemaker but the parts are not much cheaper than the icemaker.

I am assuming that the temperature in the freezer is ok.


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Aug 09, 2012
Extra wiring adapters in repair kit
by: Jerry S

All I wanted to know was if on our Estates Refrigerator side by side Ice Maker wiring that is on the top left side can be removed and replaced

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