Ice Maker Not dumping ice, third replacement

by S. Connolly
(Charleston, SC)

I have a Frigidair FSC23F7DSB0 that we have had continuous problems with the ice maker not working properly. The Ice tray with mechanics has been replaced twice. Each time it begins making ice properly but after a couple of days it stops dumping the ice out of the tray.
When the tray is supposed to heat and dump, it does not, however the water begins pumping in anyway based apparently on the timer. But because the ice is still in the tray the water runs over and then leasks into all the freezer and into the door.
Is there a relay that tells the heater to turn on? Is it two bad ice makers that we have bought? Coincidental? Please help.

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Hi S. Connolly,

Replace the water valve because the icemaker shouldn’t call for water until the ice is dumped out of the icemaker and the chances of the new icemaker failing in the same way that soon are very rare.

When you replace the icemaker check the large tube that feeds water to the icemaker to make sure it isn’t clogged with ice.

Thank you,

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