Ice maker not dispensing ice, yoke seems loose

by Kerry



I replaced the auger because one of the plastic fin broke. The ice maker still did not pump out ice, the motor is running and ice is still being made. Then I thought I put the blades in wrong, after numerous attempts, i caved and ordering a whole new ice bucket with the auger. The same thing happen motor runs and no ice comes out.

I noticed when the ice bucket is out the stelnoid works and the yoke turns. When the ice bucket is in place the yoke gets stuck. When you twist on the Yoke it seems to be unscrewed a bit. After tightening the yoke it will spin for a short time and its like its coming unscrewed and stop spinning with the ice bucket in place. Take the ice bucket out and it spins. So what i see happening is the pressure from the ice bucket is causing the yoke to unscrew a bit, therefore not turn the auger.

Is there a nut that has fallen out, if not, how do I fix this?


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Hi Kerry,

Before we jump to conclusions tighten it up as hard as you can and see if that does the trick. I am afraid that will not work because I believe the yoke is striped out on the auger motor shaft. Often when this happens you will not be able to take the yoke off or tighten it up enough to work. The only choice you have is to cut the motor shaft off and replace the yoke and the motor.



If you can remove the yoke without causing damage to the motor shaft you may be by without replacing the motor.

Thank you,

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Apr 21, 2011
Thanks Shawn
by: Kerry


I have already tried that and had a man tighten it down for me. No sooner was it tightened it loosened once the ice bin was replaced.

With that being said, do both parts need to be replaced?

Do I buy the fork first then try the motor? Or will it be better to just to buy both parts?

When can I find installation instructions?


Apr 24, 2011
by: Shawn/admin

The fork is a lot cheaper so I would try that first unless you cannot get the fork off the motor. I have had some that the fork wouldn’t come off the motor and it wouldn’t tighten on the motor. In this case both parts would have to be replaced however if the fork will come off try the fork first.

Thank you,

Mar 17, 2012
same problem
by: Anonymous

I have tried getting the fork off to no avail. Just put some locktite on it to see if that will hold it in place. If that doesn't work, can I try putting a nut on it to hold it in place? Hate to replace the whole motor assembly just cause the threads are messed up.

Mar 18, 2012
by: Shawn/admin

You can try it and if it works good if not you will have to replace it. I did try welding one but the one I was working on had a plastic housing and it couldn’t take the heat so my weld didn’t end up being good enough to hold. Needless to say it came loose a few days later. But I think I could have made it work if I was trying it on a model with a metal housing so that I could get a good weld without the housing taking damage.

Sep 09, 2013
help for a non-mechanic?
by: Anonymous

I seem to be having the same problem as the above poster, but I don't have welding equipment or know-how. Any idea either how someone like me could better secure the fork to the arm? Or a replacement part that I could install?

Oct 09, 2013
by: Shawn/admin

You will just have to replace the motor and the fork. Sometimes you have to cut the fork off because it will not come off or tighten up .

Mar 02, 2014
Great ice maker - No Feed
by: Bill

My ice maker will just about fill the bucket overnight and then the problem starts. After working for a while, ice seems to jam just before entering the dispense/crush opening in the bucket. I can relieve that problem but it comes back after a while.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

May 03, 2014
Auger loose on shaft
by: JakeL1950

I purchased a new auger because the threads were stripped. After I installed it, I had the same problem. I did notice that the auger has left hand threads, but the shaft actually spins to the right, which is the opposite of the way that it should spin. It actually loosens the auger up instead of tightening it. What is the problem here? Thak you in advance!!

Apr 18, 2016
auger problem
by: Al

I have a similar problem I hear the motor running but the auger will not spin with assist it will turn but stop when any pressure is put on it the shaft that goes into the motor looks like steel could the gears in the auger motor be stipped

May 14, 2016
Ice dispenser stopped working
by: Danny

I have kenmore elite 29.8 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator, Model: 51173
The ice maker makes ice however the motor will not turn the auger. I took the dispenser motor out and applied electrical current to it and it worked. What could be stopping the motor.

Note: when I took the motor out I found one leg of the wire was loose and frozen inside an ice block.
Appreciate your help.


May 17, 2016
by: shawn

Reconnecting the wire didn't put it back to work?

Your model number is incomplete so I don't even know the manufacture.

If it is made by Whirlpool (a lot of Kenmore are) it is common for the switch in the door (the one you press the cup on) will fall out of place and will not be pressed when you try to activate it.

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