Ice maker not calling for water

by Joseph
(Bel Air Md.)

Ice Maker 2198597 (Electronic Head)
After performing a dianostic I have this scenario.
When jumping the ice maker using the H and T holes to check the cycle the ice maker cycles but doesn't call for water, making me believe I have bad water valve.
When I check the water valve by jumping using the L and V holes the ice maker goes in cycle mode and water fills only when the ice pusher is in the up position. I thought that the water would come on instantly and stop when I pulled the jumper wire out.
What do you make of this scenerio? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Joseph,

There are a few scenarios that I didn’t include in the repair guide simply because they are rare. So rare that I was afraid that it would confuse more people than it would help.

Yes it is supposed to run water as soon as you jump out V to L and yes it should stop when you pull the wire out.

What you are saying that happens when you jump V to L is not normal in fact it is very odd.

However if the water valve is not bad (which you proved by saying that the water will run) but it still will not run water at the end of the cycle the thermostat or the heater is bad.

In either case you are better off replacing the entire icemaker. So that is what I recommend, replace the whole icemaker.

Thank you,

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Replaced ice maker
by: Joseph

Shawn...I replaced and installed a new ice maker and nothing happens even when jumping the cycle (T & H). The infrared P.C. board tested ok (Light blinks seem ok). Can the P.C. board test ok and still be bad? Can a bad P.C. board corrupt a new ice maker?

by: Shawn/admin

I didn’t know you had a model with the optics.

The jump test isn’t going to work as described on those models. You should be able to make it start by inserting the jumper, closing the door and unplugging the refrigerator for 30 seconds or more. Once you reconnect the refrigerator if the jumper stayed in place it should start. Just leave the door closed for a minute or so.

Yes it is possible that the optics is still bad even if they blink, as they should. They still have to send power to the icemaker. I assume the door switch is working since the optics passed the test so the optics is the only thing left.

You have replaced the icemaker.

You have witnessed the water valve working.

Make sure the door switch will work i.e the light will turn on and off when pressed/door closed. If so replace the optics they are the only thing left.

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

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