Ice maker making ice, but won't come out thru door


Model number# GSS25KIFRF BB

Ice maker does make ice. Sometimes it comes thru the door and sometimes not. On a daily basis it will stop working. I pull the tray out, dump some of the ice out, turn the power switch off then back on. Eventually it will start working, but sometimes we have to unplug the refrigerator and plug it back in for it to work.


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If when you attempt to dispense ice (and it doesn’t work) the whole refrigerator seems to temporary shut down and the light on the dispenser dims you have a bad main board. This is common and can be and intermitting problem.

If that isn’t the problem it sounds like there is a loose connection somewhere. The first place you should look is at the door hinge. Remove the cover off the top of the freezer door hinge and inspect the plug. Sometimes the plug will be loose or I have seen the prongs inside the plug bad. Try plugging it in good and if that doesn’t work look in the plug to see if the prongs look ok (they shouldn’t be bent or burnt).

If this doesn’t help post back and we will go from there.

Thank you,

Here is a link to the BOARD ASM MAIN CONTROL

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still not dispensing ice regularly
by: Tiffany

After unplugging the refrigerator and plugging it back in, the ice dispenser continued to work for about 2 days before stopping. I made sure the plug was securely connected at the hinge, but it was still not working. We finally got it working that night, but by morning had quit working again. I removed the ice bin, set the switch to cubed ice, and when pressing the dispenser there is a noise and the flap does open. There doesn't seem to be any movement near the ice maker itself when doing that. Thanks

by: Shawn

I still think it is the dispenser board or a loose connection. The next place I would look for a loose connection is the plug that connects the auger motor and the solenoid near the rear of the ice bin. There should a plug at the rear of the ice bin, sometimes you have to remove the dispenser housing to access the plug.

If that isn’t the problem I would say the dispenser board but the main board could still be the problem. This is not a very common problem and there isn’t a good way to tell you how to see if the problem is the main board or the dispenser board.

ice maker
by: Steve

My ice maker works fine but won't dispense either cubes or cracked ice.I suspect the auger drive motor has failed or the main board has pooped out. Similar symptoms with the light going dim when paddle is pushed.

Main board
by: Shawn/admin

If the light is dimming and the refrigerator seems to temporary cut off the main board is most likely the problem. What happens is one of the capacitors on the board will fail causing this problem and the only thing you can do is replace the board.

Auger won't turn
by: Tye

I had a similar problem, the ice dispenser quit working and the refrigerator would cut out every time the paddle was depressed. I replaced the main board and it seemed to cure that problem but now when the paddle is depressed the auger motor will not engage when it is set to cubed, and nothing happens when it is set to crushed. Any suggestions??

Auger Frozen
by: Shawn

The auger will often freeze up. When this happens it will not turn. Take the auger out an dry it out with a hair drier. See it that will put it back to work.

Auger drive will not turn
by: Tye

The plastic auger in the ice box turns fine. It is the drive off the motor that is not engaging.

With the ice box out I depress the door switch and the paddle the switch on the ice maker that opens the chute for the ice goes up but the drive that turns the auger will not spin. Any suggestions? Thanks

by: Shawn

I was actually talking about the motor that will often freeze up. Do you hear any noise coming from the motor when you attempt the test you describe?

Auger will not spin
by: Tye

I do hear a noise, but I am able to turn the drive by hand. Could it still be frozen? I will remove the motor and thaw it see if that works but it does not seem to be frozen. Thanks

Auger will not spin
by: Tye

It only makes a noise wen it is set to cubed. when it is set to crushed it does not make any noise.

Three Things To Check
by: shawn

There are three things that can be your problem.

There may be a loose connection. This could be at the door hinge at the motor or at the main board.

The motor may bad. Since it isn’t making any noise check for continuity across the motor with an ohmmeter and if it is open replace it.

The main board may bad. The only way to know for sure is the check for voltage on the board. If you are comfortable doing this and have a voltage tester I will describe how to do this if you don’t find anything else.

I don’t think it is frozen because it will not make noise and you can turn the motor by hand.

Problem Solved
by: Tiffany


This is my comment page. So, we finally had a repairman come out. I told him that I'd done research & thought it may be the main board. I gave him the serial & model number, & when he came out he brought the part with him. Normally there is a service call fee, the cost for the part, plus the repair fee. Apparently there was a recall with some of GE's refrigerator parts, & we were only charged $100 for everything. The ice dispenser works great now, even better than before. The main board was the problem.

by: Anonymous

I'm helpless and hopeless when it comes to stuff like this. Will someone please tell me where the auger is and what it looks like?

by: shawn

The auger is in the ice bin, the motor that turns the auger is in a housing behind the ice bin.

Thanks for the advice
by: Mark

Your trick worked. I thawed out the ice maker motor and the ice is coming out the door. Thanks for your help is great to have crushed ice again.

Ice dispenser
by: Claudwe

Ice will not dispense. Opened door held door switch and pressed the paddle. Starts to dispense ice then stops. Tried closing door and pressing paddle but nothing happens.

Any suggestions.

by: Anonymous

I have a problem with dispensing ice and water. I press the lever and the ice comes out or the water comes out but will not stop when I release the lever. What could be the problem. It is a Frigidaire.

ice not coming through door
by: Ginny

I have a Hotpoint side by side the ice maker makes plenty of ice but it is dispenced but the flap in the door will not let it come out.

by: Shawn/admin

The solenoid that opens the flap may be rusted. This is common on some models. Access the flap through the front panel and you should see the solenoid.

Ice maker
by: Tanya

Makes ice just fine, water dispenses fine also but it will not come through the door! there is no noise when we try to receive ice..

Ice maker
by: Tanya

Makes ice just fine, water dispenses fine also but it will not come through the door! there is no noise when we try to receive ice..

Ice maker trouble
by: Connie

The ice maker will make ice fine but will not dispense through the door , it will let water come through but nothing when I try to get ice the Auguer thing is not turning on it's own but you can turn it manually

Ice doesn't move but auger motor does
by: Anonymous

We have tried everything and can't figure out why the auger motor moves but auger doesn't, therefore no ice moves toward door and dispenses. We do hear the motor making noise but that's all, nothing happens! We have opened the freezer door, held the switch with the ice cube bin removed and seen the auger motor move and yet, it doesn't move the auger to move the ice! It doesn't make sense! I removed all ice, left bin out to completely defrost in case there was some part that was still frozen and wiped it dry and placed it back in the freezer. Does this seem to be a control board issue? Nothing on here seems to pinpoint this exact situation. Help!!

Same as previous about ice not coming
by: Sandy

I finally got my ice maker to work (ordered filter which I think will help even more) but for some time the dispenser won't work. I can manually turn it and when I push the lever on the door it opens but the metal "auger"? doesn't turn, no sound, no motor. It turns manually easy enough and makes a funny sound like a little motor when you do that. :-) The water works, the light works. Any ideas I will try. :-) It is a Frigidaire about 7 years old.

Maytag ice maker freezing at door
by: Chris

Hi. I have a Maytag Refridgerater 2007. Since I got it, I have to pull out the ice tray/dispenser every week because it freezes up at the bottom of the removable dispenser and this is before it exits through the door. Sometimes I open the door, bang on the bottom of the removable tray as it freezes solid. It also starts to freeze the hole in the door. Others in the neighborhood had the same issues. Many have just bought a new refridgerator or don't use the ice dispenser. The motor is fine. The thing that moves in the tray works. I've tried to decrease the cold in it from the dial and that doesn't help. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Fixed it!
by: David

My Kenmore Elite stopped dispensing ice. The motor was working and the auger would turn with no ice in bin but the added resistance of the cubes stopped the auger from turning while the motor was till working. I thought I was going to have to replace the auger parts in the lower half of bin which was going to be tough because the screw was frozen and needed to be drilled out.Thankfully I thought to stick a large hex bolt into the shaft at end of auger and discovered there was no slippage with the auger. I discovered that the drive-shaft bolt had somehow gotten pushed down and not enough of the bolt was connecting with the auger nut. I pulled up shaft and adjusted the plastic nut/washer to increase height of bolt and problem was solved.

Ice Now Dispensing Again
by: Ian

Thank so much for David's comments about moving the auger shaft upwards to better engage the hex fitting in the ice bucket. I had looked at about 100 postings at various web sites trying to fix my Kenmore Elite (Whirlpool) in-door dispenser. I had pulled the motor a couple of times ( finding water inside the casing) and also replaced the auger shaft seal. Still, whenever the bin was more than half full, the motor would not turn. I did not think I had a shaft height problem but out of desperation, tried David's fix. Five minutes later, it was fixed! Thanks again.

Great advice
by: Damian

Thank goodness for these postings. My ice will intermittently not dispense. It corrected itself twice before within hours. This time I tried turning the deal by hand. Using this guide helped determined it was frozen. Removed the motor and defrosted it. I didn't have a blow dryer, instead I filled the sink 1/4 of the way with hot water, wrapped the motor in several layers of plastic trash bags and let it sit in the sink for about 3 minutes. Works like a champ. Thank for the great advice.

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