Ice maker keeps losing power

by Phillip
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I have a free standing Kenmore ice maker model 106.89589700 A while back the ice level cut off stopped working so I would run it to fill up the bin then turn it off with power button, when ice got low turn it back on. Now the ice maker is losing power. I plug the cord in, power lights on, water starts circulating sounds like everything else is running then it just shuts off(shuts off so quickly that the copper water line is knocking against the wall)will come back on in a few seconds but then has to start the cycle over again. I left it unplugged one night and plug back in the next day, it made 4 or 5 cycles of ice then right back to losing the power. While it is on I tried to push the clean mode button, but it would never come on. While some of the wires are unplugged the call for service light/button is coming on. Are the ice level and the losing power both the control board??



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Hi Phillip,

The control board could cause both of your problems.

When the icemaker is tuning off and on is everything turning on and off or is it just the compressor? When this is happening you need to figure out if the compressor is turning off from overheating. If so more than likely you have a bad compressor start relay.
Let us know what you find.

Thank you,

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Jan 26, 2011
not the board
by: phillip

Ordered new board for it, changed boards in it then plugged in ice maker then same thing. It loses power to whole unit like the cord was unplugged from power outlet. Then it will start back up trying to cycle then loses power again.

Mar 09, 2011
got it working
by: Phillip

The pump/drain is bad. The ice maker has a plug (110) that plugs into the pump and then the plug from the pump plugs into the power out let. When the pump messes up the ice maker losses power, making it to start all over again. I call a Sears repairmen out for $73 and he told me that was my problem. New pump and labor $955 dollars. I could unhook line from pump and just let it drain by itself if I had a floor drain, but I just plugged the ice maker and the pump into the power oulet. The pump works enough to get water out and the ice maker has its on power so it doesn't shut off when the pump does.

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