Ice Maker is not working at all!!

by Matt

I have followed all the instructions on your page but Nothing happens with the jumper wire in any of the holes. I'm guessing it's a power issue? It is a whirlpool side by side with the ice bin in the freezer. I get no response on a volt meter either? Fridge, Freezer water & ice dispeser in door work fine. Icemaker does nothing??

Matt (Ohio)

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Hi matt,

If it is not one of the models with the ice bin mounted in the door then you either have a loose connection, bad wiring harness or a bad motor/modular.

Check to make sure the plug is in good and tight. Check for voltage from L to N test holes. You should have 110V and if not you have a loose connection.

If that isn’t the problem unplug the icemaker and test the wiring harness with and ohmmeter. One of the wires has a safety fuse that may be blown. Remove the motor/modular off the front of the icemaker. Then test for continuity from the plug to where the wires connect to the modular. If any of the wires dose not have continuity replace the wiring harness.

If everything checks out good and you have 110V coming to the icemaker but it still doesn’t work I would say the motor/modular is bad.

This is the motor/modular I am taking about.


Thank you,

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wiring harness??
by: Matt (Ohio)


Thanks for the quick response. No power to the maker at all. This is actually my ex wifes fridge, so she had already bought a whole new module and it came with like an 9 inch wiring harness. I took the seal loose inside the freezer and the existing wiring seems to run into the foan and down the side of the fridge?? I guess I figured there would be a connection there to put the new harness into. Can I splice the short harness into the old one before the fuse? The new short harness has the same fuse.

Thank you so much!!

Matt (Ohio)

Only As A Last Resort!!
by: Shawn/admin

I would only do that as a last resort, but yes it can be done. What I recommend doing is first checking the old harness and if it is bad check to see if you can get the correct harness if it is possible to change. Some harnesses you cannot change because they go into the sidewall of the freezer, which it should as if yours is like that. But a lot of them go into the back wall of the freezer. If this is the case you can change the harness you just have to remove the back wall of the freezer. But as you say the one you got isn’t long enough.

In any case only splice it as a last resort. If you have to resort to splicing use an inline squeeze connector and get some heat shrink wire insulator. I don’t know exactly what they call it but you slip it over the wire before you splice it then once the splice is made slip it over the splice and heat it until it shrinks to fit the wires.

If the wiring harness isn’t bad you have a loose connection somewhere else but I am not sure where to tell you to look. See if there is a wiring diagram and trace the wires.

by: Matt (Ohio)


Thanks for all your help!! I favorited your web site!!

I did go ahead and splice the short harness doing so behind the fuse wire. The ice maker now has power!! I tested the V to L and no water would enter the ice maker, so I'm going to replace the sylinoid and we should get ice again!!

Thank you!!!


by: Shawn/admin

I am not sure what caused that fuse to blow because I have only see that happen 2 times in all the years I have been working on these things. Both times changing the wiring harness put it back to work and it never happened again. So I think you have fixed the problem.

However before you replace the water valve make sure your splices are good by testing voltage at the water valve with the jumper wire in place. If you have voltage but the water valve will not work replace the valve. If you do not have voltage more than likely one of you splices is loose.

Thank you,

valve connectors
by: Anonymous

Be sure to mark the connector to the solenoid prungs. One side of the connectors has 2 wires coming out of it. And on the solenoid prungs are marked :M" and "4B".Also mark the water lines to the valve.
On your thermal fuse wiring harness,check the continuity. If no reading and all the other wires get a reading that's your problem.

Help- similar problem
by: Steve

I believe I have the same ice maker. It stopped working a few months ago.
When I took the cover off, I noticed the Motor/modular gear knob was broken off (I'm assuming my old roommate snapped it, trying to troubleshoot it himself). I ordered a whole new ice maker. I connected the new one a few hours ago, and nothing appears to be happening. Confident that it is connected properly - At this point, I'm assuming maybe the fuse in the harness is blown? The water is also not filling the tray, is that function triggered only when the maker has power? (Wondering if the water line is fozen as well?)
How do I check if the fuse is blown? The harness goes into the sidewall...
Thank you for any suggestions. Pretty frustrated & fiancé just moved in

by: shawn

The gear being broken off was probably not your friends fault I see them broken off all the time. If you are waiting for a ice maker to work naturally I would suggest waiting overnight before I called it because nothing happens fast with ice makers.

The fuse may be blown, did you use the old plug or the new plug. If you used the old plug the fuse may have been blown beforehand. Sometimes you have to use the old plug but if you can use the new one (if you didn't).

Its either the fuse the, the ice maker or the valve. Assuming the freezer is getting cold enough to make the ice maker cycle.

I need a model number to tell you if there are other possibilities.

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