Ice Dispenser Turns but No Ice

by Dave R
(St Johns FL)

The motor turns when pushed. Solenoid opens. Have opened the freezer, depressed the frezzer sitch and then the ice dispense button. All appears to work except the slippage. Sounds rough and I believe he auger slips. The plastic cap on back that the motor connects at rear to drive the auger is scarred like the motor prong is slipping in it and disfiguring it.

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The other day I was working on that same model and the little drive (fork) on the front of the auger motor had striped out. Remove the ice bin and try to turn the auger motor by hand. You should be able to tell if it is striped or not. If so you will have to replace the motor. The one the other day I had to cut the motor shaft off with a grinder because the drive wouldn’t come off. Lets hope you don’t have that much trouble.

If it is not the auger drive striped the auger may be broken. On the auger inside the ice bin there is a plastic drum. Hold the drum and try to turn the auger. If he auger will turn independent from the drum you have something is wrong with the auger. Typically what will happen is the metal piece that locks the drum in place will strip and just free wheel on the auger rather than turning the drum.

If that isn’t the case there is a plastic divider that separates the ice bin from the ice crusher (the front of the icemaker where the ice is crushed). If that divider is broken the ice will not dispense well.

I hope this helps!

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