Ice Dispenser Switch is Intermittent on GE Side-by-Side

by Ralph
(New Jersey, USA)

I have a nine year old GE Profile Model TFX 25 PRBBWW.
I've been having to jiggle the Crushed Ice and Cubes handle to get ice and eventually I couldn't get it to work at all. However, I could always hear a steady buzzing sound while I pressed and held a cup against the back of the ice delivery compartment; but no ice would come out.

I lifted out the ice storage bin, emptied it, and rinsed it thoroughly with warm water. The spiral auger rotated freely by hand, and the dispensing path and chute were clear. With the ice bin still out I reached to the rear wall and was able to manually rotate the shaft which drives the auger. It turned smoothly in either direction with moderate pressure.

I put the ice bin assembly back in and allowed the refrigerator to produce enough new ice to enter the auger. I could get ice only intermittently by sliding the dispenser handle back and forth between the crushed and cube positions. It seems that I can't get cubes unless I begin in the crushed position, then jiggle the handle until crushed ice comes, then continue sliding the handle to the right and try to find a working spot near the cube position.

Can you help me? It seems to be an electrical switch problem. If so, how do I access the switch and replace it?

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Hi Ralph,

Here are Replacement parts in Freezer Door section of General Electric TFX25PRBBWW Refrigerator

I believe the dispenser board is bad. They gave a lot of trouble and the fact that wiggling the switch seems to point to the board. The only thing that is throwing me is the fact that you are hearing the buzzing noise. Try this before replacing the board.

Remove the ice bin.

Leaving the door opened press in on the door switch to fool the control into thinking the door is closed. (out smart the control).

Then press the lever to dispense ice while watching what is going on in the back where he auger connects.

If the auger motor turns and the flap inside the door ice shoot without jiggling the switch I think your problem will be a mechanical problem in the ice bin.

If you have to jiggle the switch to make the motor turn, replace the dispenser board.

This is the dispenser board I am talking about.


To access the dispenser board simply pop off the cover that says crushed/cubed/water. Then remove the four screws that hold the housing on and remove the housing. The board is mounted inside the housing.

Thank you.

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