ice despencer not working

by Brian
(Peoria, Illinois)

Ice dispenser hums and fork behind bin will not move. Cannot move by hand either. It sounds like it is indeed frozen up as your site suggests. This is a GE model GSS25QGMC CC. Behind the bin are several screws. I do see the solenoid jumping up when door lever is depressed. What I see move is where the "bin rod" inserts into a recess.
Is it really that easy to take out the whole unit and thaw it out? Any info appreciated. Do I need to be certain that the motor is thoroughly dried be fore re assembling?

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by: Shawn/administrator

The doors leaking air if the serial number begins with AA2-DZ2 directly cause this problem. I believe GE should replace the door free of charge but I don’t think that will happen they stopped about two years ago.

Yes, make sure it is dried very good, use a hair dryer go be sure it is completely dried. I would suggest replacing the motor but the new motor would freeze again due to the doors.

If the door have already been replaced you need to replace the motor.

It is easy to access the motor just remove the four screws that hold the housing behind the ice bin. Once done you will see the motor. Be sure to unplug the refrigerator before doing so.


Dispenser motor frozen
by: Anonymous

Had a repairman out here to change the fan as the refrigerator side wouldn't work. He had the freezer door open so long ice started to melt and clump, and apparently humdity got into motor. Took your advice about removing motor and drying out with hair dryer, worked perfectly. Thank you for the advice, saved me another $200 repair bill.

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