ice cube dispenser does not work

by Larry
(vernon hills,il.)

It's 's GE model pss26ngsb bb the ice dispenser does not work the water dispenser works.The ice maker works fine.I replaced the front plate with push buttons for the water and ice cubes but that did not repair the problem.

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Hi Larry,

If when you press the lever to dispense ice the light on the front dims and the whole refrigerator seems to temporarily shut down the main board is bad.

If you can hear the motor running but ice is not coming out then you could have a broken auger or the crusher cover could be busted. Look in the ice bin to see if the auger broken. Yours has the metal auger but on these sometimes the helix (plastic device on the auger) will break loose from the auger so when the auger turns the helix will not. When this happens ice will not dispense. You will have to replace the auger, the helix lock and possibly the helix. This video shows basically how to take it apart but yours is a little different being that it has the metal auger. Also there is a out side cover around the entire ice bin that will have to be removed rather than just the front.

If you don’t hear noise when you attempt to dispense ice then the problem is either the main board, loose connect or a bad motor. If it is a bad motor you will hear the solenoid when it is on cubed ice setting. A loose connect can be at the door hinge or when the auger motor plugs into the back wall of the freezer.

Thank you,

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