Humming noise and not turn on

by maggie
(kitchener, ON, Canada)

The model number is : PBXR473ED0WW

When I turn to the start, the dryer has humming noise as start, but dryer not turn on, when release the start swith, it noise stop, the dryer not work.

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Hi Maggie,

There are a few things that could be the problem and they are: the motor could be hung, the motor could be bad, the motor could be dirty or the belt tension switch could be bad.

The first thing you should check is the belt to see if it is broken and if so the belt tension switch is not allowing the motor to start. If the belt isn’t broken there could be a bad belt tension switch but they don’t give a lot of problems. If the belt is broken replace it and it should be fixed. With a bad belt tension switch the motor will actually start then cut off when you let off the start switch. But if there is a problem with the motor it will not start just hum. It is hard to explain the noise but it will be distinctively different from the normal noise whereas if the problem is in the belt switch it will sound close to if not normal before you let off the switch.

If the problem isn’t the belt tension switch try this: open the door and press the door switch by hand and have someone press the start switch. When it tries to start try rotating the drum by hand. If when you do this the dryer starts you have a problem with the motor but it may not do it again so use it until it does the same thing again. If the problem persists try cleaning the motor with vacuum and if possible blow it out with compressed air.

If the drum still will not turn when you try to turn it by hand the motor is hung. This may be caused something being hung in the fan or the bearings in the motor may be bad.

Thank you,

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