Hub nut washer:

by Doreen

Is there supposed to be a washer that goes between the hub and the split ring of the GE washer model # WVSR1060AOWW (10 years old. The Hub seems to be wearing away the split ring.

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Hi Doreen,

No, from top to bottom this is how it goes. Hub nut-spin basket-split ring-washer. The spin basket sits on top of the split ring and if the hub nut were too loose the split ring may wear away but I have never known this to happen.

Thank you,

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I found out the cause for your problem.
by: Shawn/admin

It has been brought to my attention that a worn split is almost always caused by a loose hub nut. Replace the split ring and tighten the hub nut as much as you can and you should be good to go.

by: Doreen

Thanks, We ended up buying a wrench to tighten the hub nut and also added some thread lock, hopefully this time it will stay tight. Two loads so far and no problems, yet!

by: Shawn/admin

When you asked the question I really didn’t know what would cause that split ring to be worn but yesterday I was at a service school and someone there mention that a loose hub nut caused it. They were saying that the new hub nuts had notches that prevented them from loosing like that but typically when you tighten it back down it will not come loose again.

by: Anonymous

Sounds like the notched idea will be a HUGE improvement!

Hub Split washer
by: Daddywrench

Has anyone tried Loctite Sleeve/Bearing lock fluid (Green) on the split ring surface that mates to the spin basket hub. Then use Loctite Blue on the hub nut. Also of interest is that on my Model WHRE 5260 I had to pound off the the locking nut with a 10 lb. hammer. So how did the split ring start slipping on the spin basket flange?? Was it not tight enough from the factory? Or is the flange and slplit ring fit that bad?

Good luck with this repair long term..

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