GE WBSR1060TAWW won't agitate, spins and drains fine, agitator coupling good, rotates 90 degrees

by Hugh
(Deep River, Ontario, CA)

GE top load WBSR1060TAWW won't agitiate. When in agitate mode, I can press clockwise, and the agitator will seem to work, as long as I am pressing against it. The same if I am pressing CCW. When not pressing against the agitator, it does not move. With machine off, I can rotate the agitator 90 degrees freely, back and forth. I suspect the problem is the transmission. Is it possible to open the transmission and fix it - a shear pin maybe??

Thanks for any help on this!

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You have a transmission problem. I will not say that you cannot take the transmission apart and repair it but you can’t order parts for it so the best thing is to replace it.


The part cost less than $150 so if you do-it-yourself it is not too bad however if a repairman did it he would charge another $150 or so. You do have to have a spanner wrench, which is about $15 dollars or so. I heard you can do without it but I don’t recommend it. This page shows how it is done GE Washer Disassembly

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Thanks Shawn
by: Anonymous

Thanks Shawn for the reply. I was able to get a used transmission froma friendly repair man, and he let me borrow his spanner wrench. One problem I had was rremoving the split ring with the washer below it. The ring broke - really poor metal, so I got a new one. Also, the seal was not in the best shape, and the repair shop only had the slightly smaller one. So I applied silicone sealant to the existing one - hope it works. Anyway the washer has been reassembled, and has already done 5 loads of laundry - no leaks!!

Thanks for your help Shawn - great web site!


Good Job
by: Shawn

Sometimes that ring will brake if you are not careful. I would have recommended using the correct seal but lets hope it works because you don’t want a leaking washer.

Glad you got it going.

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