ge washingmachine overflowing model number wpgt9360eopl

washing machine overflowing water keeps going into machine.

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Replacement parts in General Electric WPGT9360E0PL Washer

Sorry for taking so long to reply but I had to find my service manual to this model because it isn’t like your normal GE washer.

You have four things that can cause this problem the water valve, the inverter board (main board) the water pressure tube or the water pressure switch. The inverter board and the pressure switch are very hard to check so lets start with the other two. If you have to turn the water off at the wall to make the water stop then the water valve is the problem. If unplugging or turning off the washer is all you have to do to get the water to stop the problem can be in any of the three other things.

There is a tube at connects from the water pressure switch to the bottom of the tub make sure it isn’t clogged, broken or disconnected. If so repair the problem and the washer will go back to work.

If it is not the tube or the water valve it can be either the inverter board or the pressure switch. The only way to know for sure is to check for frequency coming out of the pressure switch and most people (including me) don’t have a meter to test frequency. If you do so happen to have a meter the frequency should be 27kHz when the tub is empty and 22kHz. If all this frequency talk is “Greek to you” don’t attempt to test.

Do this, set the washer to SNEAKERS and start the load. This bypasses the load sensing the inverter will do. When (if ) the water stops running the level should be about 2 inches above the little agitator. If it still overfills on the SNEAKERS setting you can be reasonably sure the pressure switch is the problem but it can still be the inverter.

If the water stops at two inches then you can be reasonably sure the inverter is the problem.

I hope this helps!

Thank you,

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