GE washing machine intermittently will overflow

by Lexy

washer nobs...maybe itll help

washer nobs...maybe itll help

GE washing machine works great but intermittently it will not stop the water at the level selected and will overflow.

Im actually not sure of the model number as I am considering buying it off of someone.But I want to be sure the repairs are worth it.

Find your part:


This is typically happens when the tube that runs from the water level switch to the tub gets partially clogged. Take the front off the machine and look to the bottom/left of the tub and you should see a tube connected to a box on the side if the tub. This tube will often get clogged with grease or lint right at the end that connects to the tub. Also the little nipple that tube connects to can get clogged. You can replace the tube or you can clean it out. You can clean it out with a small brush or sometimes I do it with a stiff wire such as a clothes hanger.

If the tube isn’t clogged the problem is going to be either the water valve or the water level switch. For this you will have to catch it in the act. When it is overflowing unplug the washer and if the water stops replace the water level control. If the water continues to run with the washer unplugged replace the water valve.

For what it is worth the water valve is more common than the water level switch but I see more clogged tubes than anything.

I just posted pictures on this page that will help with this problem.

GE Washer Leaking

Check out the section titled "Leaking During Fill"

Thank you,

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GE WHDSR316G overflow
by: Donna

Perfect - my husband checked this tube and found the tub end wasn't even connected!
Thank for giving us a place to start. Easy fix!!

Don't buy
by: Anonymous

Had same washer. At first it wouldn't take any water in. Called GE to Fix. The guy came out and it happened to work for him. Days later the washer overflowed and destroyed my basement. I wouldn't chance using it if it is located anywhere where it could potentially cause damage.

Rehoboth, MA

by: Shawn/admin

I wouldn?t knock a brand or particular washer just because it fails. All appliance break, it just a matter of when. I have seen all types of washers leak and all brands overflow. GE washers are bad about the tube clogging up but Whirlpool has some trouble with that tube staying on and all brands have trouble with the valves sticking causing them to overflow.

This washer is a very good washer in fact I believe it is one of the best out there. In any case I am sorry you are having trouble with it and I hope you figure it out.

The problem I believe you have is a partially clogged tube. The tube that runs from the water level control and the bottom of the tube could be partially clogged. What happens is when water fills the tub pressure builds in the tube causing the water level control to turn the water off. If the tube is partially clogged it can retain the pressure and no water will enter the washer then again it could overflow.

If that isn?t the problem the water valve could also be the problem.

Clogged Tube
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info here. I just used the info posted by Shawn on this site and was able avert a repair bill. The Tube running to the tub was partially clogged. This is the first time in 20 years of owning different brands of washers that this has happened and this site helped me much!!! Thanks again!

Washer overflows GE WJRR4170E1WW
by: Troutasaurus

The washer will leak onto the floor when it is set on super or large load, but not on medium or smaller load.

Most likely the same problem.
by: Shawn

Your problem could be the same, check to see if the tube is partially clogged. If not check to see if the spin basket is spinning during wash, this will cause water to be forced over the top of the tub during wash. If this is the case the brakes are bad and the only way to repair is to replace the transmission.

Thank you,

Washer overflows GE WJRR4170E1WW
by: troutasaurus

Tube is not clogged

Where is the leak comming from?
by: Shawn/Admin

Watch the washer to see where the leak is comming from and let me know. See if it is overflowing, coming form the pump, coming from the center of the tub.

Did you check to see if the tub was spinning during wash?

Also sometimes cretin detergent can over suds. When this happens on a large load soapy water will come out of the overflow tube (the tube at the back left of the tub). By the time it gets to the floor you may not see any soap in the water but if you look directly under the tube you will see soapsuds. If this is the case either change soap or cut back on soap. HE soap doesn’t suds so it is a good alternative if you are having this problem.

Great advice but still struggling
by: Mike A

Hi Shawn,

I have been following you threads and found them very useful. Thank you. But I am still struggling

Original issue: we have upstairs laundry and some water ended up coming through kitchen ceiling at end of wash cycle I was told - and water was clear. Idea: Could be water valve or water level switch.

Checked for blocked tube with air then water on water level switch & tube. All okay. Water valve cuts off correctly when power removed.

So . . .

I ran washer - GE Profile WPSR4130W0WW. Agitator operates immediately on water filling - is this right? Could be controller or could be water level switch?

So two items pointed to water level switch.

Bought water level switch through this website - arrived today. Fitted it with drum empty. Ran the spin cycle per instructions on service sheet.

Still DOES NOT cut off during fill and agitator starts on water fill. It would overflow if I did not stop it. Water level DOES cut off during rinse cycle and rinse level can be varied by the water level switch so it must be working.

Now I do not understand. Is there tricks to getting this switch operating correctly during wash fill? Service sheet refers to checking operation of this switch - is there a procedure. Or is there someting else going on?

Much obliged for your help.

ATC Board
by: Shawn/admin

This model has an atc control that controls the water valve during wash fill. Right now I don’t have a diagram of a model with a timer and an atc control so I am not sure if this control could cause the agitator to start immediately (which is not normal). Tomorrow I will try to find a diagram of a washer such as yours.

In the mean time look on your wiring diagram and see if you can figure out if the water level control is connected to the act board or directly to the motor. On most models with the timer the water level control connects directly to the motor and the water valve. In which case nothing but the water level control could cause a problem such as your but with the atc board in the picture I will need to view a diagram to see if that can cause your problem.

Wiring diagram
by: Mike A

Is there a way I can forward the wiring diagram to you. I am not an expert at reading these diagram.
Best wishes

Take A picture
by: Shawn

You can take a picture of it and post it on here. You will have to start a new thead to post a picture.

I did look for you but all the service manuals I have either have only the timer or the act control built into the main control. Yours is different.

same crappy problem with a GE a washer
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem only that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It appears to be in the timer. It fills but the timer doesn't move so it continues to overflow but I can move the timer and it will pump out the water and spin but refuses to move when it is supposed to be agitating. I will never buy another GE product again. The washer is less than 5 years old.

Timer Not Likely
by: Shawn

This is not typically a timer problem. I am not going to say it is not a timer problem but there are other things that are a lot more common. It is very uncommon for a timer to cause this type of problem.

The very first thing you should look at is the tube that connects from the water level control to the bottom of the tub. If it is partially clogged you will get this problem. Note that if it were fully clogged the washer will over flow every time. If you are unsure replace the tube.

If the tube is not the problem you will have to catch is in the act. When it overflows or it is getting ready to overflow unplug the washer. If the water continues to flow when the washer is unplugged replace the water valve. If the water stops then the problem is electrical and the water level control is the most likely culprit.

by: Jim

It seems to me, that this a fairly common problem and the solution would be to connect the overflow tube to a drain pipe. My laundry is on the main floor and I've already connected the discharge hose to a pipe down through the floor to a laundry tub in the basement, preventing the damage caused by a rag or obstruction from blocking drain in laundry room tub. Plumbing the overflow tube to this drain would only result in loss of water,no damage to main floor. Anyone heard of doing this?

GE Top Load Overflow
by: Dave

Mine just flooded out the laundry room and kitchen. The tube and the nipple where it connects were visibly clogged. I pulled the tube off and used a wooden skewer with the sharp end broken off to break up the clog while flushing it out with hot water in the sink. I also used a toothpick to clean out the nipple on the tub where it connects. Works great now. I found my sales receipt and I have had this washer for 28 months with no problems except this. Recommend cleaning the tube every 18 months to avoid future problems.

Not A Bad idea!
by: Shawn/admin

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do it once a year although this is not something you are supposed to have to do. 90% of the time when I see this it is black grease like car mechanics would have on their clothes. My mom’s washer will do this every year or so because she washes clothes that have the black grease. But sometimes I will see hair in the tube.

It does fix my problem!!
by: Anonymous

I google searched and found this article about the overflow problem and I think the washer is working fine after cleaning the partially clogged tube. I'll have to keep monitoring it for couple more washes. It is a nightmare with water all over my hardwood floor.

ge washer
by: Anonymous

The tube is not clogged but the box seemed clogged

on my ge washer. The washer leaks from the overflow tube, but maybe a half cup of water at most and not every time.Can the box be taken off to clean? Dealing with this about three weeks.


by: Shawn/admin

All you can do is clean the nipple that the tube connects to out with a toothpick because you cannot get to the box to clean it out. Check to be sure the washer is overflowing (it shouldn’t fill above the last row of holes in the spin basket). If the spin basket is spinning during wash water will come out of the overflow tube. Also if the detergent is too active (creates too much suds) it can overflow. If this is the case change detergent brands or type.

by: Final straw!

Shawn, You are brilliant! I have struggled and fought with my GE washer off and on for a while now. It started with overfilling and flooding. I paid $120 to be told that I just needed a new washer, but would get a discount if I bought it from him. I found your thread and checked my tube..yep...almost totally plugged. I also used a wooden skewer and some hot water. Seems to be running like new again. I wasn't sure how I could afford a new washing machine, but thanks to you, it is working for about 3 cents worth of supplies. BLESS YOU!!

Good Job!!
by: Shawn/admin

I am glad to hear you got it going and saved some money!!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the advice - it's the clogged tube causing the overflow and spin problem!

Thanks for all the advice
by: JoeD

Thanks for all the advice. I had some black, grease-like gunk in the tubing and hope that cleaning it out will fix the problem.

There have been several references to checking to see if the inner basket is spinning during agitation. How do you do that since agitation stops when the lid is raised??

by: Shawn/admin

You can run the machine with the front off (back off and beware for spinning mechanism) with the front off you can see the spin basket (inter tub) through the outer tub because it is translucent. However if you found the tube clogged then you more than likely repaired the problem already.

by: bryan

yep, tube wasn't clogged but the intake was clogged. While the washer was running, I could blow on the tube and shut the water off, plus I checked with a meter so I was pretty sure the pressure switch was working (couldn't tell what the pressure was though). With the washer filling, I cleared out the intake with a small piece of wire and water came out. Drained the machine completely, restarted and it worked perfect. thanks for the help.

I had the same thing...
by: AllanO

I had a clogged tube at first I thought it was the dampening straps, which were all broken, but after replacing them it flooded again. I noticed that the overflow tube seem to be the where the water was coming out at. Then I saw the level sensor tube and the air reservoir box(is that what is called?) were clogged up with gunk. I pulled the tube off the level sensor and stuck it to my espresso machine steam tube and after filling the tube with TSP soap and then forcing the steam in the tube it cleaned the air reservoir box quite well. I hope this helps someone.

GE Washer Overflow Issues (WBSR3140 )
by: Albert

Thank you Shawn.

I too was having issues with our GE washer overflowing. We do a ton of wash (four kids) and have otherwise been very happy with this washer. Cleaning the tube out fixed the overflow issue and it has been working great since.

GE WHDSR209 Washing Machine Overflow
by: Doug

Thanks Shawn!!

I was having intermittent overflow issues with our GE washing machine then it got worse. At first it only did it when the water setting was on Extra Large load so we turned it to just large and seemed to stop. Then it began happening again no matter what setting it was on. We battled this for at least the last 6 months never really seeing what was causing it. Checked the continuity on the pressures sensor and it seemed to be switching properly. I came on this thread and checked the pressure sensor tube as you suggested. Tube was blackened with the grease you described, so I cleaned it and at first it did not stop the problem. I went back and checked the nipple on the tank and it was clogged solid with more black gunk. Cleaned it out with an old tooth brush and soapy water and perfect now. I was about to junk this 5yr old machine in frustration, but thankfully came accross this first.

Thanks a million.

Thank You So Much
by: Chris Mott

I thought I was going to have to buy a new washing machine. Popped the front open and, low and behold, the small hose was clogged. Thank you for your page. I owe you big time!!

help washer flooded basement
by: Anonymous

Hi my washer was making a loud sound when on spin, then we went to run a medium cycle to see waht problem was and it flooded the basement. its only 2 years old.

Please help me

by: Shawn/admin

When the tub seal leaks on these washers they often become noisy on spin. Take the front off and see if the leak is coming from the center of the tub where the transmission meets the tub and if so the tub seal is bad.

by: J.D.

Shawn your a genius

GE Washer overflow
by: Anonymous

I have a 5-year old GE Profile washer, with the overflowing problem. The tube wash partially clogged, but that box had black staining inside. tried cleaning with a small wire, without any improvement. Then a took a can of compressed air (for cleaning computers) and stuck the nozzle in the box and sealed the connection with my fingers and gave it a couple of good blast. This cleared the black gunk, I could see later when I filled the washer. I have now done 5 loads and its working perfectly. The comment here were a great help. A repairman told me I need a new control panel $527 for the part. Was ready to buy a new machine!
$1.00 can of compressed air saved me $500-$600!

Praise God!

tube issues
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue with my ge washer. I have been reading these posts and checked tube and it looks to be clogged with black stuff. My problem is that I can't get the tube off to clean it. Does it just slide off the nipple?

by: Shawn/admin

The tube just slips off the nipple.

ge washer overflowing
by: paul B

I have a three year old GE washer model wjrr4170g1ww that leaks water out of the overflow hose on super loads,water selector sw workes fine, pressure tube has been cleaned. The outer drum does spin on the wash cycle. Is it worth fixing. Paul

by: Shawn/admin

If it spins during wash you will have to replace the shaft and tube assembly because the sifter coil is bad. This page will with disassembly

GE Washer Disassembly

Here is a link to the part Shaft And Tube

The part is only 120 some dollars and you have to buy a spanner wrench which isn?t too expensive so if you do-it-yourself it is well worth fixing.

GE washer overflow
by: Anonymous

I seemed to have the best result, when after cleaning the tube; as suggested, I cut the end of the tube off and replaced it on the nipple. This seems to furnish a more air tight seal and cures the intermittent problems....Thanks, John M.

ge washer
by: Anonymous

I have a ge washer also i replaced the tube from the tub to the switch but it still will not shut off ok so my question is, is the water suppost to come up that little tube or is it the pressure that turns the water off. i ran water in the washer with the back off where i could see and the small hose only feels half way with water. when i take the hose loose from the switch the water will run out if held downward. Wha could be the problem.

Thanks so much
by: Anonymous

Washer was over flowing my husband took front off and saw tube was clogged cleaned it with a wooden skewer it had a black greasy clog
Thanks for helping so many people.

Great Tips! Thanks for the help!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the tip on this site and page. I was able to immediately find the clogged location in the tube. Time to clean it up!

by: Shawn/admin

Hi to all,

I just posted pictures on this page that will help with this problem.

GE Washer Leaking

Check out the section titled "Leaking During Fill"

Washer overflowing
by: Anonymous

I checked it and its the water
level control it stopped overflowing when I unplugged it so where do I find this control.

by: Shawn/admin

The water level control is located in the control panel right behind the water level selector knob.

GE washer leaking
by: Joe F

I've read thru other people's comments about leaking issues. My GE washer is a model WBB2090 and it leaks only when in wash/agitating cycle. It seems to leak only on the super size load. I'm assuming I need to replace the transmission/brake based on your previous comments. It seems to be an expensive fix however and I might be better off buying a new washer. In your opinion, is the washer usable on the small and medium settings without the leaking issues we are having on the super setting? Thanks in advance.

by: Shawn/admin

If the brakes are not working the spin basked will rotate in one direction during the wash cycle. While it will only leak on large loads since the spin basket is spinning the washer isn’t washing your clothes as well as it should if any at all. So no it will not leak on small loads but you still need to address the issue.

water overflow
by: Walt and Linda

Followed your tip on the plugged tube; clogged with grease, cleaned it out, fired it up and away she went, just like new. Great advice!!!! Thank you!!!

by: Anonymous

You just saved me buying a whole new washer!!!! I pulled the tube and blew into it. I could hear it activating the switch so I knew it was open. I pushed a toothpick through the nipple and it was like old faithful!!!!! Works great now. Thanks so much!

by: Jon


I followed your posts and directions. I checked the tube and it was not clogged. I can take the tube off and blow on it and the water stops each time. I checked the where the tube connect both on top and bottom and nothing clogging the nipples. I am about to replace the pressure switch just incase that is bad.

Any other ideas?

I also notice that during the spin cycle (while water is still in the tub) there is water spilling out as well.

Right on the money!
by: WinstonS

I had my GE Hotspot Washer leak out and sure enough the water level tube was clogged with grease AND lint. Used several pipe cleaners to clean out.

machine overflows
by: Anonymous

Hi shawn, can washing machines with a malfunctioning control board cause the water valves to not stop water flow into the washer when the water level switch is satisfied? I have a small 12 year old little washing machine with a control board. I couldn't find a problem with the tubing, the water level switch, or the water inlet valves. They all checked out good as far as I could tell and check with my meter, but the water level switch has 3 wires coming coming from it. One is a ground and the other two seem to be going into the computer board. could the water valve when it is satisfied with the correct water level selected, be sending a signal to the control board to shut off the water inlet valves at this point ? Is the control board malfunctioning do you think and not shutting the water valves off ? Are there washing machines out there where a bad control board could be causing overflowing problems in washers ? Im not quite positive what the purpose is for the two wires coming from the water level swith and what their job is. No schematic paper either could use some help

by: Shawn/admin

There are two ways this is done (depending on model) one is the valve runs through the water level control. And the other is for the water level control “tells” the board when tub is full then the board turns the water off.

Yours seems to be the second type therefore yes it can be the board. I would eliminate the water level control and the water valve before changing the board. Set the water level to the lowest setting. Allow the washer to fill almost full (so you know it should be off) then unplug the washer. If the water continues to run once the washer is unplugged replace the water valve.

If the water turns off leave the washer disconnected and using an ohmmeter test for continuity across the water level control. If it is a closed circuit replace the board if it is an open circuit replace the water level control.

water level switch or control board ??
by: Anonymous

Thanks shawn for your help it was very helpful an I will have a little more knowledge I can apply on the next job. I think your helpful advice on GE products are fantastic. GE always likes making diagnosis procedures dificult . KUDO'S to you kid. Until next time Anonymous

overflow problem
by: cecott

I checked both ends of the tube - both are attached and I cleaned out both the end and nipple (though they weren't really clogged - just a little residue) then water started squirting from the nipple so I hurried and replaced the tube again - is that suppose to happen? The washer is currently full of water and clothes. When I turn it on it continues to fill... help! When I unplug it, it stops filling - am I to guess that I need to replace the water level control, and if so, is that something I can do, or do I need to hire a repairman?

by: Shawn/admin

Are you saying the tub was full and you pulled the tube off but water didn’t shoot out of that nipple until you cleaned out the nipple? If so you may have fixed it but you have to pump the water out and start over because when you take the hose off it traps too much air in the line for the pressure switch to work. (Unless there is a reset on the water level control and if so you can reset it with the water still in the tub).

Can it Only happen once?
by: Roxann

I bought a LG front load 8 months ago. One day after started a load I heard gushing water. I was several rooms away and didn't realize it was the washer. I thought someone was washing their car outside. By the time I got to it the gushing had stopped but water was all over the upstairs and leaking into my downstairs. We have an estimated 25,000 worth of damage. It killed the hardwood floors in four rooms.

The machine was on, but it wouldn't empty and it was locked. I couldn't turn the water or the machine out on my own so my contractor had to come pull it out from the wall to turn in off and we had to turn off the circuit breaker to get the machine to turn off.

Before we turned if off we could see that the soap dispencer was contining to fill with water. two technicians have shown up and both checked out the machine and say the washer is fine. It has been working ever since. Once I replace all my floors, and drywall, I don't want this machine in my house. Anyone ever hear of this kind of one time only thing happening?

Water valve
by: Shawn/admin

Water valves can stick intermittently and I wouldn’t feel right having this washer in my house without at least a new water valve. It may not ever stick again but are you willing to take that risk (I wouldn’t).

water level tube connected to what at top?
by: Anonymous

I have a question re: the water level tube. I see where it is connected on to the box in the lower left hand side of the tub My problem is the top of the tube came off and not sure where I connect that to. Help?

by: Shawn/admin

The other end connects to the water level control. It should be a control in the control panel on the far left (the one that control water level). Once you find it you should see a nipple to connect the tube to.

Washer rocking
by: Aryastark

So I have a little problem with my washing machine. We don't want to have to call washer dryer repair in Denver, but the washing machine keeps rocking SO HARD when it's on the spin cycle. We've even trying blocking the bottom with wood and it still rattles itself all over! SO ANNOYING!

Ge washer overfilled. poor logic design
by: phil

This happened to me. Wiped out my basement ceiling. Took me 10 minutes to fix the washer. The tube was clogged with sludge so I removed it and blew it out with a compressor. BUT why not reverse the logic GE since this sensor hose is prone to clogging and have the water cut-off? This is a P-Poor design by GE and I will definitely avoid this model again. Now back to dry walling my ceiling...shame on you GE engineers/

Ge washer overflows
by: Anonymous

I have a top load ge washing machine 4 years old. Only sems to overflow on super size and during the final spin. Already cleaned the tube. Any thoughts?

Plugged tube
by: Glen Prejean

Had the GE repairman come yesterday 7-11-13
And yes it was clogged tube. Found this site today and your advice was dead ON good. Washer flooded my utility room bad and get this--- washer is only one year old. Repairman showed me how to take off front if machine which is easy and how to clean tube.. He said to check it every 6 to 8 months to be safe. It is really easy to take front off so I will check it often.. Chalk it up to precaution.. Thanks for your advice on other problems.

tube was clogged
by: Todd

Shawn, I recently had my washer over flow. I learned that the tube was clogged and cleared it out which fixed the problem. How and what do I clean to remove the dirt so it does not get clogged again causing another flooded basement?



by: Anonymous

Sometimes it's the simplest things that remedy a bad situation.
Your a genius!

Worked for me!
by: john k

Thanks for the information about the tube. I cleaned an obstruction and the level is where it should be.

Having had (and replaced) a bad transmission on this machine, I have become somewhat of an expert on its guts, lol.

GE Profile Washer Overflowing
by: noz34me

Have read through these comments, and let me assure everyone that if your washer is a GE and overflowing, I am 99% sure the tube is clogged. It's happened to us several times, to the point that I've programmed in a PM (Preventative Maintenance) reminder on my IPhone every 4 months.

It's a sad commentary, and as a GE retiree, between their customer service and cost cutting everything with regards to appliance quality, I purchased my last GE appliance about 6 years ago. They are truly not as well made as some other brands.

load size mix-up
by: Anonymous

Ihave a washer that needed the tube and load sensor replaced and everything worked well for a day but now it fills to medium height on extra small and large height on medium settings. What can i do to resolve this?

problem solved
by: Bill

I noticed that hose as I was checking other areas for the problem. This was the issue I got as much of the gunk out as I could and the washer no longer dumps water on the floor. Thank you for this site all the sites I went to didn't have this issue on them.

GE washer intermitantly works
by: max

Have a GE mod WARE5260D1WW its a few years old. the machine will fill half full some times and stop you have to push start button to get it to go again and may stop again and some times it works normal its intermitant. also after it washes and pumps out all the water you have to manually turn it to spin and push start to get it to finish. Can't figure it out as of yet!

GE king size washer mod. WARE5260D1ww
by: Anonymous

while filling washer it will intermittainly stop and you have to push start again to get it to continue to fill any idears what it is?

Thank you!
by: Nathan

Thank you for the info on the water hose! That was it. totally stopped up with grease. Cleaned it out and the washer started reading the water level again. Saved me the cost of the switch and or the timer.

Overfilling 'til overflowing!
by: Wet Feet

Thanks Shawn,
My barely two-year-old and carefully used GE GTWP1000MWW wet the floor today. Luckily I was standing with the lid open and fully aware it was filling beyond normal - hoped it was filling to "Super" load size (which I have never used so am unaware of what it "looks" like. Yup, another fill sensor tube clogged with "black grease". (?) Nothing contaminated with grease has ever been near this washer. Anyway, thanks to you it was a quick and straighforward fix instead of untold costs. I was fully prepared to simply purchase a new unit as I cannot tolerate the high cost of a repair. All the best!

Overflowing GE washer
by: John

Per, others comments, yes, the overflow problem was caused by the tube being clogged. The air tube had about an inch of a gooey greasy substance.
Removing this blockage with a wire would have left residue.
So, I snipped the hose above the clog and reinstalled the tube.
All works great now.
Thanks to all!

Keep breaking dampening straps
by: Bruce B

Hi Sean,
I have a GE WJRE5500 washer, which keeps breaking dampening straps. The suspension rods look OK and are connected at all 4 locations.
When the washer is agitating, it periodically reverses direction, causing the tub assembly to rotates quickly, placing a large strain on the straps until they break. This has happened 3 separate times after replacing all 4 straps each time.
Is this reversing of the agitation and the rotation caused normal?
Should I be looking at another part of the suspension system as the cause of the strap breakage?
Thanks for your help!

Right on
by: Phil from Rochester, NY

Thanks for the tip! That certainly seemed to be our problem.


flooded basement
by: Anonymous

We have had the dreaded flood several times from our GE Washer. Some of the times it did have blockage at the nipple, other times not. Seems to flood on super mode whether tube is blocked or not. I do not trust this design, about a month ago it flooded. The nipple and hose were not blocked, but I think my son was running it on super. At that time I bought a washing machine "tray" that Menards sells, it is a plastic tray that washing machine sits in. The sides are about 4 " tall and it also can be configured for a drain hose. Yesterday the washer overflowed again, the tray caught all the water, no flood. If you have this GE washer I strongly recommend the this tray, the washer cannot be trusted.

Over fills and leaks on wash cycle under fills on rinse
by: Anonymous

My GE washer overfills on super loads and the water leaks when it agitates from the white pipe down the left side of the tub. On the rinse cycle the water level does not reach the required level. For instance if the load is set to super it would only fill to large. Also if I try to wash a small load the machine will not spin the clothes out and they are soaking wet. The machine is four years old. Is there any help for it?

Lint clogged tube
by: J. Dwyer

Repairman Shawn was spot on with this overflowing problem I had. A build up of lint and crud was blocking that little tube. Cleaned it out real well and reassembled. Works 100% after watching it through 4 load on "Super".
Great site and thanks Shawn! Saved money I badly needed to hold onto.

Overflowing GE washer
by: Anonymous

Having problem with washer overflowing, followed your info. Tube is good. No leaks, no holes, no clogs. Tub is full of crud & sludge. How do you clean out the tub. Think the nipple and tube are occasionally getting clogged by crud & sludge in the tub. Might be why this happens once every couple of months. Can't find any other reason for the machine overflowing. Everything else is working.

Ge leaking water.
by: Anonymous

I have a ge top loading washing machine. It is leaking waster from the white tube on the left hand side. Is this the overflow Tube?

Overflow problem
by: Frosty

My son's GE washer on the second floor overflowed in his new home. The overflow damaged his kitchen ceiling and hardwood floors. It appears that it was the clogged pressure tube. This is a very poor design. He had an overflow pan under the machine but unfortunately is was not connected to the drain pipe. I have owned washing machines for over 40 years and never had this problem.

ge washer
by: Tim

I have a ge washer. Last night it was leaking back right, I just got done running it empty to see where is was coming from and now its not leaking at all. The load size was on super at first but when I looked at it last night it was on reset would this make it over flow?

Overfilling Washer
by: Anonymous

I have a GE WHSE5240D1WW washing machine that will overflow on filling. I have replaced the inlet valve, pressure switch and pressure switch hose and it still overfills. I am out of ideas and would appreciate any advice.


Thank You!!!!!
by: Don

Thanks so much. Awesome! Easy repair saved me a bundle. Only took about 5 minutes to repair.
So far it's working great with no overflows. Thanks again! You are my hero!

Same problem, but not the tube
by: Anonymous

In my case I have hard water and it had clogged the holes going into that little box. I was able fix it by unclipping the top plastic part that connects the inner drum to the outer one. Then with a coat hanger with a L bend on the end was able to fish it down between the two and clear out the two hoes. So if your tube and the nipple are not clogged, check those intake holes. When working properly, and the tub is draining, you should see the water in the little box drop down fairly fast once the tum is almost empty. the box will not totally empty, but there is sort of a line where it will go down to. If the box stays full of water or you have water in the tube when the tub is emopty, those intake holes are probably clogged.

by: shawn

Quote "Shawn,
I have a GE WHSE5240D1WW washing machine that will overflow on filling. I have replaced the inlet valve, pressure switch and pressure switch hose and it still overfills. I am out of ideas and would appreciate any advice.


It could be the holes in the tub like one of the other comments posted after you. If not it could be low water pressure coming to the machine. Water pressure is what shuts the valve off. Also some models with electronic controls the control cuts the water valve off rather than the water level control. In other words the control monitors the water level switch and turns the water on/off according. You would have to look at the wiring diagram to see.

Same overflow problem...
by: Anonymous

I seem to be having this same problem with my 5-6 year old GE WCSR2090G8WW. I started a load before bed and woke up with a pretty sizeable amount of water sitting under the washer. By the time I got everything situated and the bottom plate off to see up inside I could not find anything that was still wet. I checked all hose connections and everything seemed fine. I then ran three small loads, all working perfectly. Fast forward three days and I finally got around to doing a load of towels. Switched it over to the largest setting and started the load. I ate lunch, and when I went to switch the stuff out before heading back to work I noticed there was water in the catch pan(I wised up and played it safe). I immediately pulled the bottom off and it appeared that the white overflow tube was the only thing that was wet.

It all makes sense now that it worked fine on the small loads, but when doing a larger load it overflows. The overflow tube is not plumbed out, so it just opens there at the base of the washer which would explain why there was water, but all connections seem fine. These two loads that have flooded are no bigger than any other large loads I've done the last 5-6 years, so I don't think it is a true user error overflow.

My question is it looks like a simple DIY fix if the pressure pipe/nipple is clogged. Where can I locate this? I'm obviously not very handy, but surely I can save myself the $50 house call to have a repairman do it. If it is the switch I will probably defer to the professionals. Anything seems better than a $400 washer, especially since this is the first problem I've ever had.

by: shawn

Remove the front and the tub will be on the left of the tub connected to a nipple on the lower part of the tub.

How to clean box pressure tube attaches to
by: Rob

My washer overflows on all levels and I cleaned the tube but the box the tube connects to is quite dirty. Do I have to remove the drum to clean this?

by: shawn

Taking the spin basket out doesn't give you access to clean that box. All you can do is blow it out or clean the nipple out with a toothpick or something.

If the tube and the nipple are clear and it still overflows you have a bad water level switch or a bad water valve.

Start the cycle and while the water is flowing unplug the washer. If the water stops when you unplug the washer I would replace the water level control. If the water continues to run after you unplug the washer replace the water valve.

Note that if the water stops when you unplug the washer you may want to repeat the test a few times to make sure.

Gets stuck on reset.
by: Anonymous

My GEWasher flooded my house and did 20 thousand dollars in damage I have good insurance but was still out my deductible. The knob got stuck toward the reset button and keep filling with water and never shut off. I woke up with a mess 3 hours later. This also happened to my friend with the same exact washer. WHY HAS GE NOT RECALLED THESE? My insurance company is going after them and I'm going after them to get my deductible back. Lowes told me if I had a warranty they would replace it. Oh whatever. I'll never buy GE anything again.

by: shawn

Appliance companies generally don't issue recalls unless there is a safety issue. If it is in warranty you may be able to use GE's insurance for your damage. They have insurance for this type of thing. I have had one customer use it due to a new dishwasher flooding his house. It did have a deductible just like your insurance and you may be able to get them to pay that. However if you have already used your insurance I am not sure how that works when my customer used it they only used GE insurance they didn't get their insurance involved.

$1.17 in vacuum tubing fixed my problem
by: RK 2/16/2016

Shawn, thanks for this thread! I've been trying for a week to figure out why my 5-year-old GE HydroWave washer was intermittently either filling past the load size selected (fortunately without overflowing...whew!) or getting stuck in the drain cycle. I figured the two problems had to be connected since they started within a couple days of each other. Every DIY forum I read led me to conclude it was either the control board or the water level pressure switch, but replacing both did not solve the problem. Even first got on here and determined there was a small hole near one end of my vacuum tube (which I trimmed off), the problems persisted. I finally just replaced the old, yellowed tube (and blasted out the chamber on the side of the tub, which had a lot of foul-smelling gunk in it, with compressed air), and now it is working great.

Intermittent Leak - Top Load GE
by: Susan H

Hello! We have a brand new top-load GE Washer (Model GTW485AJJ0WS) which we bought at Sears on 1/1/2016. Since installation, it has been leaking intermittently from underneath. When it occurs, we see a small puddle on the floor. At first, my husband thought water was running down the washer hose. He replaced them but the issue continues. He has taken the front panel off after it leaked and has not seen any wet spots. It only seems to happen with certain type loads, but we have been unable to pinpoint the problem. I hate to have service come by because if GE sends a tech and no leak is found, the company probably won't pay for the call. Any thoughts?

by: shawn

Hi Susan,

Make sure the leak isn't coming from your house drain. Sometimes on a large load the drain water will back out of the drain into the floor. It may not happen on small loads and the more soap the worse it will be. If this is your problem call a plumber.

Sometimes soap suds will leak from the overload tube you can try using HE soap and/or cutting down on soap to see if that helps.

If that is not your problem you will have to call for warranty service.

Intermittent Leak - Top Load GE
by: Susan H

Hello! We have a brand new top-load GE Washer (Model GTW485AJJ0WS) which we bought at Sears on 1/1/2016. Since installation, it has been leaking intermittently from underneath. When it occurs, we see a small puddle on the floor. At first, my husband thought water was running down the washer hose. He replaced them but the issue continues. He has taken the front panel off after it leaked and has not seen any wet spots. It only seems to happen with certain type loads, but we have been unable to pinpoint the problem. I hate to have service come by because if GE sends a tech and no leak is found, the company probably won't pay for the call. Any thoughts?

by: Steve Herman

We had similar overflow leaks thru overflow tube. Happened once, didn't happen for several weeks then on second time we called service company. They couldn't find leak because it wasn't leaking. Paid for service charge. Today, another leak and found Shawn's reply. Sure enough the tube was packed for 2-3 with muck. Ran wire and rinsed with HOT water several times.

Time will tell, wife also send that several times she will find 2-3 inches water remaining in bottom of tub after spin cycle. IF level switch also sends signal of when to stop draining tub, it may resolve that also. Time will tell, but it was also intermittent similar to the overflow.

Confidence is HIGH,
Again Thanks, Shawn

Thank you!!!
by: Pam

I was having several of these issues. I followed your instructions and I was able to EASILY troubleshoot my problems by unclogging the pressure tube. YOU SAVED ME HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS! I can not thank you enough! I too wash greasy oily clothes and now I know how simple the preventative maintenance is. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

washing machine intermittently overfills
by: wade

should the box on the side of the tub that the hose from the water level switch connects to be clean looking?mine looks pretty dirty,my hose is clean just wondering if that box can get plugged up

by: shawn

The box will get pretty dirty for the most part all you have to worry about is if the nipple is clear. You can clean the nipple out with a toothpick.

Still working great
by: Steve Herman

The box on our machine was dirty also. Cleaning the tube fixed the leaking and also fixed the occasional issues with the tub not fully draining prior to the spin cycle.

GE washer GTWN2800D1 overflowed.
by: John E

Should the front panel water level selector switch be momentary in the Reset position?
Our washer overflowed and flooded our partially finished basement. I found the water selector switch was in the Reset position. I checked the washer operation with the water level selector switch in several positions. It appeared to fill and stop at the proper levels. However, when the water level selector switch is in the reset position it appears the washer will overflow.
I hope it is a defective switch. I would hate to think that a washer would be designed such that the switch can be left in the reset position and cause it to overflow.
I was researching the switch to see hot it is supposed to operate and came across this web site. Lots of good information here.
Thanks in advance for any information you may have on the water level selector switch.
John E

Hi John E,

That switch should not stay on the reset position it should spring back when you let it go (momentary). If not replace the switch.

Thank you,

Only overflows on normal cycle....
by: Single mom

Hi, my washer will overflow on the normal wash cycle but not on the whites cycle. Before I tear apart my washer looking for this clogged tube, does it have two tubes, one for each cycle? If not then why would it overflow on one cycle not both? A little confused.


Its only has one tube. It could be the water valve is only sticking on one side. Maybe hot water is ok and the cold water is sticking (or vice versa). If unplugging the washer doesn't stop the water flow when on the cycle it overflows on replace the valve. There is still a chance the tube is clogged or partially clogged I have seen things like this happen with a partially clogged tube before.

Thank you,

washer floowing floor
by: Fred Mertz

I have a GE GTWN2800D1WW and mine over flowed this am putting about 20 gallons on the floor

wife yelled an I ran come to find out IN CASE NO ONE HAS MENTIONED IT HERE YET... if your wash size switch is stuck at the reset position the washer WONT stop filling...

this is what happened with mine, wife did a small load and then reset it and it usually snaps back to super size on its own and today it didn't..

BIG MESS and simple fix... told her to MAKE SURE it doesn't stay stuck at reset position from now on


I would highly recommend replacing that switch to ensure that doesn't happen again. Reset should be momentary meaning it springs back to super load and if it is sticking one day this will happen again.

Thank you,

Washer Flooding Floor
by: MC

My GE Washer was flooding the floor while running through normal wash cycles. I took it apart outside, hooked up a water hose, took off the front panel and watched it work through a normal cycle. The culprit was the water pump had a small pinhole in the plastic housing. I installed a new pump and the problem was solved. I believe that unbalanced loads caused the drum to rub on the water pump and cause the pinhole. I hope this helps someone else.

It worked!
by: YesICan

Thanks so much. This is exactly what was wrong with my GE washer.

Still working
by: Steve Herman

You can search my name further up this thread. This is an update.

It's been 20 months still my initial find of this fix. Machine has been working great - both problems of leaking on floor and the tub not fully emptying during spin cycle have not returned. I write this because tomorrow we will be removing the fill sensing tubing again to ensure it is clean by running wire and hot water threw it. doing this to mitigate return of above problems and because my son is home tomorrow to assist.

Again many thanks for your forum and assistance.

Outstanding advice.
by: Greg

My GE Washer was doing the very same thing and your fix did the trick. The tube was intermittently blocked with gunk. Thanks

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