Ge Washer Hub Nut

by Russell

2 weeks ago I replaced the transmission/brake on my GE WLE6000B1WW washer. I had to use an impact wrench to loosen the nut to remove the tub from the tranny. When I put it back together I used the impact wrench to tighten. Last night while washing a load I had to stop because of excessive noise. I found the nut that I had really put on tight with the impact was stripped out and tub was loose. I now have a new bearing (between the outer and inner tub and a new nut. I do not know how tight to tighten it. Is there a torque spec?
Do I just tighten as much as I can with a ratchet/extension/socket? DO I use locktight on the threads?

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Hi Russell,

I have never had this problem, maybe because I don’t use an impact wrench. I use a spanner wrench and a hammer. But I looked into it for you and I get conflicting answers. In the GE official service manuals some say that nut must be
tightened to more than 75 lbs. In a different book (still GE manual) it says
turn it by hand till it is snug then turn it an 1/8 of a turn further (which
may or may not be 75lbs). After looking in the official GE service manuals I looked online and some guys said 90lbs and others said 100lbs and one guy said 110lbs. I would
stick closer to the GE manual you don’t want to over tighten it. None of the information I looked said anything about over-tighten it but if
you used an impact wrench that is what you would have more likely done.

Thank you,

Thanks Shawn!
I tightened it as much as I could using a ratchet and socket (no breaker bar or cheater pipe to increase torque leverage. I did put on blue locktite on the threads before I put it on and will not use the washer until tomorrow so that it should set up well.
Thanks for the quick reply!

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GE Washer
by: Anonymous

My washer model WLE6000B1WW fills and aggitates, but will not drain

by: Shawn

The first thing you need to look at is the drain pump. Often these pumps will clog with lint. What you are going to have to do is remove all the water and remove the hose off the pump to check for clogs. Beware that even if you remove all the water there will still be about ½ gallon left in the bottom of the tub that will pour out when you remove the hose.

Also note that if yours is an older model the pump will have a fan at the front and if you can turn the fan the pump is not clogged.

ge washer
by: Anonymous

i got the tool to get it off but i cant get it to come off very tight.I dont know what else to do please help

Hub Nut Stuck
by: Shawn/admin

First off make sure you are turning it to remove left hand threads. I have had a few stuck on and had to heat the nut with a torch (not recommended for a do-it-yourselfer) I also got one off with an impact wrench. This is not typical I think I have had problems with about 4 and I have done hundreds but yes sometimes they get stuck.

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