Ge top loading-will not spin under heavy load

by Scott

What a great site and helpful info! I have a similar problem as poster Lorraine, GE top loading washer, in that the tub will spin with light loads, but the belt has good tension. Under heavy loads, the belt spins on the pulley and getting hot and spinning at the motor- no transmission movement- I looked under and it seems the tub seal is leaking a little and when the transmission does stop after a light load spin, it sounds like a bad bearing or something. Should I go straight to transmission replacement? I checked the hub nut and it is tight. Again, great site! Thanks! Scott
GE WLE6000b1WW mdl GD185498G

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Hi Scott,

First of all thank you!!

Here is the Replacement parts in General Electric WLE6000B1WW Washer

The tub seal leaking causes the bearings in the transmission to rust and not move as it once did. You do have to change the transmission and tub seal to repair your washer. This will most likely put it back to work but when the transmission gets hard to turn the clutch (pulley on the motor) slips a lot more than usual. This can cause the clutch to fail so there is a chance the clutch will have to be replaced. I hope this helps!

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If you decide to repair it this link will help Ge Washer Disassembly

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Tranny and Clutch- Worth the investment?
by: Scott

Thanks for the quick reply! I am wondering if the investment in a new transmission and clutch are worthwhile. Obviously, I would save on the labor aspect, I guess I just have to have the piece of mind that nothing else goes wrong. Also, through my ventures on the web, someone posted the GE warranty was 10 years. Any truth to this? Again, wonderful site and have already referred it to other shade tree appliance mechanics like myself.
Thanks- Scott O-H..!

Worth Repairing?
by: Shawn/admin

Hi again,

As I am sure you already know the parts are expensive. We don't know if you need the clutch or not but you will not know that until you get the transmission in and that would be too late to turn back.

This is a repair website and I am a repairman I like to see my visitors successfully repair their appliances.

But the choice is yours if you have to replace both I would say the repair will be very expensive for this washer I mean the clutch itself is close to $100. You are going to be looking at close to half price of a new washer. I am not trying to sway you one way or the other just stating facts.

As for the ten-year warranty I don?t think so. GE had a five-year warranty on the transmission but around 4-6 years ago they cut that back to one year. You will have to check your owners? manual or call GE to confirm.

GE did have a washer called the Wizard that had full 10-year warranty part and labor but judging by the model number I don?t think yours is a Wizard. But if it says Wizard on the front by all means take advantage of the warranty.

Oh and I appreciate the referral!!!

Thank you

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