GE top loading washer basket won't spin.

by Loraine

The center thing spins, the water drains but the basket won't spin. Washer was Purchased in 2003.

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Hi Loraine,
The first thing you need to check is the hub nut and the hub. Pull the agitator off (it just pulls straight off) and remove the agitator coupling (it is held on by a 7/16 bolt). Then you should see a big nut that holds the basket in place. If that nut is loose you will need to tighten it. There is a tool called a Spanner Wrench
icon(Click on link to view and/or order) that is used to tighten that nub. Use it with a hammer to tighten it. This page has a picture of me useing that spanner wrench GE Washer Disassembly.

Sometimes I see the hub actually break out if this is the case once you remove the agitator it will be obvious. The spin basket will have to be replaced if that is the case.

If the hub nut isn’t loose and the hub isn’t broken the transmission is bad. The link above will help with replacing the transmission.
Thank you,

Scotts question was answered here Washer Won’t Spin

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Belt and motor work-stuck tranny?
by: Scott

What a great site and helpful info! I have a similar problem in that the tub will spin with light loads, but the belt has good tension. Under heavy loads, the belt spins on the pulley, getting hot- no transmission movement- I looked under and it seems the tub seal is leaking a little and when the transmission does stop, it sounds like a bad bearing or something. Should I go straight to transmission replacement? Thanks! Scott

by: Anonymous

You have a great website!

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