GE top load Washer will not agitate

by Sheila

Hi, I have a GE Model WDSR2080D5ww. The washer will spin but it will not agitate. Any ideas on how to find out what's wrong or what the problem could be?

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Hi Sheila,

Replacement parts in General Electric WDSR2080D5WW Washer

Reach into the washer and try to turn the agitator by hand and if you can turn it freely the agitator coupling (sometimes called the air bell) is stripped out. If that isn’t the problem let me know and tell me if it makes any noise when it should be agitating.

Thank you,

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Same Problem But
by: Chrys

I have the same Problem as Sheila but mine does make a noise when it should be agitating

Model Number
by: Shawn

What is the model number?

GE top load Washer will not agitate
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem washer will fill up but will not agitate. replaced agitator still will not agitate but does everything else makes noise when in wash cycle like it wants to agitate but don't

Same problem (GE wdsr2080d5ww)
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem as Sheila. Could you please tell me how to open agitator and see whats wrong?

by: Shawn/admin

Simply pull the agitator up and under it you will see the agitator coupling. It will be a yellowish bell shape coupling.

same problem as Sheila
by: dely

hello I have a ge top load washer model # s3600d0ww. it will fill up with water, will not agitate, goes through the cycle, it will drain and spin. could it be that the agitator dogs need to be replaced? thank you very much for your help.

by: Shawn/admin

GE washers don’t have agitator dogs. It has a coupling that very well could be the problem. If you can turn the agitator by hand the coupling is stripped out. The coupling is located under the agitator simply pull the agitator off and you will see a yellow coupling that is your agitator coupling, replace it.

my washer smell like rubber burning
by: Anonymous

I have a maytag washer and the agitator doesn't move and it smell like rubber burning and it makes a squeaking sound?What could it be?Please help.

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