GE SmartDispense leaking soap between loads

GE Profile dishwasher is leaking soap out of the small outlet (where I believe it is supposed to be released during the wash cycles). It is filling the bottom of the dishwasher with dish soap. I probably need to replace the small rubber valve where the soap is draining from (the machine is just over a year old, you would think this would be covered). Where can I get that little rubber thing? Is there something simpler I could do?

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There are a few things you need to find out (if you don’t already). Is the dishwasher dispensing the soap at the correct time but it is not washing it away as it should. The wash arm being clogged will cause this or the dishwasher isn’t getting enough water.

If it is just a little bit of detergent I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it but you can try cleaning out the tube. You will have to do this with something small and flexible that will not rip the rubber. There is a chance something is partially clogging the tube and then eventually it ends up seeping out into the dishwasher.

If it is a lot of detergent (assuming it is not the very first problem I described with the wash arm) there is either a problem with the detergent or the dispenser motor is running when the washer is off. The soap is in a reservoir up above where the soap is dispensed but the detergent is too thick to run through the system with out the pump motor running. Take the front off the washer and you should see the pump motor. If it is running the tube will be moving back and froth or up and down slightly. If this is happing when the washer is off there will be something wrong with the main control board.

I don’t believe the detergent can flow through the system without the pump on unless there is something wrong with the detergent. In other words I something like (or close to) water will run right through but detergent shouldn’t.

As far as what is covered and what is not you will have to either look at your owners manual or call GE.

Also that rubber piece you are talking about shouldn’t have anything to do with your problem.

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