GE side by side refrigerator not cooling model-GSS22KGMDBB-need a repair manual

by Dorothy
(Bayonne, NJ )

I don't know how old this refrigerator is, came with my the house that I purchased in 2004. Have already had the freezer fixed two years ago and now the service man is telling me that I need computer board and switch for the refrigerator. I've looked all over online to try to find a repair manual for this machine but it's not available. I'd like to try and fix this myself but without a repair manual or someone to show me how to do it I'll have to get a new refrigerator since the repair will cost me close to $500 and I've already paid $300 for the freezer repair. Can anyone assist?

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Replacement parts in General Electric GSS22KGMDBB Refrigerator

You are not going to find a service manual for this or any GE refrigerator.

Try these two pages

GE Refrigerator Not Cooling

GE Refrigerator Not Running

If they do not help describe what it is doing. Is it not running at all? Is it running but not cooling? Is the fresh food not cold but the freezer cold? Are the fans running? Take the back out of the freezer and describe what you see.

On this model there are two things that give a lot of trouble. The defrost heater is one and sometimes the fresh food door will work its way down to the point that it will not make the door switch. If the heater is the problem the freezer coils will be wrapped up with frost like the one in the picture on the GE refrigerator not cooling page. If it is the door problem the damper that lets cold air into the fresh food section will be closed so no cold air will enter the fresh food section and it will not cool. To fix this simply screw the door back up by turning the bolt at the bottom of the door. This is all on the GE refrigerator not cooling page.

I will try to help you the best that I can.

Thank you,

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by: Dorothy

The freezer works but it's not cold enough, makes ice but since it's not cold enough the ice cubes stick together...the refrigerator is cool not cold, there's no ice build up anywhere, took the bulb out because the switch isn't working and the bulb overheats the refrigerator. As I said, the service call repair man said I need a new computer board and a new switch in the refrigerator. From what I can tell by the model number, the refrigerator is a 1990 or there abouts model. Are there any books that would instruct me how to repair this myself?

Door Alignment
by: Shawn

Close the doors of the refrigerator and look to see if the fresh food door is lower than the freezer door and if so adjust the fresh food door back up to where it is level with the freezer door. There is an adjustment bolt at the bottom of the fresh food door hinge that if you turn that screw the door will lift up.

Then put a light bulb in the refrigerator and see if the light cuts on and off. If after you adjust the door the light works as it should the refrigerator should go back to work and start cooling again. If adjusting the door up doesn’t make the light work, as it should then you will have to replace the door switch.

If the door is open the refrigerator will go into a liner protection mode, which will close off the damper and turn the fans on. With the damper closed the fresh food section will not get cold at all. If the door switch isn’t working the refrigerator “thinks” the door is opened and puts it into the liner protection mode. The door switch itself don’t give a lot of trouble but the door will work its way down to where it cannot hit the door switch and you will get this problem.

The refrigerator was made since 2002 if you gave the correct model number. There are no books that I know of that are available to the public for this or any recently made GE refrigerator.

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