GE Profile dishwasher PDw8200 fills/drains continuously


My GE Profile dishwasher fills and drains continuously and thus never starts the wash cycle. I checked the flood valve which seems to be ok. How do you check the float switch on this machine?

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Hi Horst,

As far as I know the flood switch isn’t going to cause this problem on this machine. I don’t know for sure because right now I can only find a wiring diagrams for a PDW8900, witch is basically the same only the 8900 has a smart dispense so I think the wiring is the same.

If the drain pump is being activated during fill more than likely you have a stuck relay on the main board.

If the drain pump is not activated but the water is still draining it is somehow siphoning out. This is impossible if the drain is connected to the sink but if it is connected just to a drainpipe this could happen. If this is the case you need to install an air gap or connect it go the sink. This is very rare with dishwashers but possible.

I will try to find the exact wiring diagram for your model and if there is any difference I will leave a comment.

Thank you,

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The drain on this dishwasher is connected to the sink's garbage diposal. So if it isn't the float or the float switch where is the relay on the motherboard that you are refering to? Can this item be purchased separately or do I have to buy another complete motherboard? Thanks.

by: Shawn

If it is connected to the garbage disposal it is impossible for it to siphon out.

Let me double check just to make sure there is no misunderstanding (since this is an odd problem). When you start the dishwasher water comes in and the drain pump pumps it out at the same time so the tub never fills with water. Is this correct? If so I believe that the relay on the main board is stuck which would mean that you would have to replace the main board.

I still couldn’t find the exact wiring diagram to your model but as far as I know all the float switch does on your dishwasher is turn the water valve off.

So unless there is something odd going such as something grounded out I believe you have a bad main board.

If you still want to check the float switch look to make sure the float isn’t stuck up. The float is in the left front corner of the tub and sometimes it gets hung up from soap residue. To check the switch itself disconnect the power from the dishwasher and remove the float switch from the bottom (hint it will be directly under the float). There will be two terminals on the switch remove the wires from them and check for continuity across them. It should be opened (electrically) until you press the switch then it should close (have continuity) this simulates the float being down.

ge pdw8200 drain problem
by: Frank C

I've had mine for 3 or 4 yrs now. It's never really cleaned well and kept leaving water in the tube. What i discovered was that rubber flap between the drain pump and the tub had been put in backwards at the factory. It should open towards the drain pump. If you remove the drain cover inside the tub and stick your finger to bottom you should feel flap open when you push in. If you don't then you'll have to go underneath and remove drain pump and you'll see the flap,take it out and flip it.Just make sure it opens to the outside of tube. Then put it back together.

GE Profile Dishwasher drains continuously
by: enzorb

I have a GE dishwasher and the drain pump runs continuously. the flood switch is working, makes and breaks. what other control logic switches the drain pump off?

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