GE model wjre5500g0ww top load washer won't work

My GE model wjre5500g0ww top load washer does not work. When I press the start button, nothing happens. The lights come on to indicate the cycle I've selected but that's it. When I checked the inverter board, the LED repeatedly blinks on and off. It does not stop blinking. Can you please assist?

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The motor/inverter on this washer stores fault codes. The LED you see blinking will blink once every second non-stop when in stand-by mode and twice every second non-stop when it should be running. If there is a fault code the LED will blink a cretin number of times then stop for a few seconds. Some of the fault codes not allow the motor to operate. For a full list of the fault codes and information on how to clear the fault codes use this page HydroWave GE Washer Repair Guide

The next thing to check if there isn’t a fault code is the lid switch. You will have to disconnect power and cut the wires (leave enough wire to reconnect if the lid switch isn’t bad). Then test for continuity across the wires going to the switch with the lid down.
I hope this helps!

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One more thing
by: Shawn/administrator

If it will not fill with water you may have a different problem such as a bad water valve, low water pressure, a bad control or maybe even a bad pressure switch.

If the water valve is getting power but there is no water you got a bad water valve or a problem with the water pressure.

If the water valve doesn’t get power you have a bad pressure switch or control board.

by: Anonymous

Hi I also have a GE WJRE5500G0WW it fills with water fine and runs through all the cycles but it does not agitate correctly sometimes it does just a little bit sometimes not at all, I tried all the different cycles and its about the same, when it does agitate its real wimpy, not enough to clean cloths, the spin cycle does not work either, it goes through the cycle it just does not spin.

Pulled the front cover off and the belt is their and ok. I can see the motor run and it looks like it makes about 1/2 turn then reverses?


Thanks in advance

Motor Codes
by: Shawn

This model has codes built into the motor and some of the codes will restrict the speed of the motor. There is a led on the motor that blinks to indicate the fault code (or lack of) refer to this page for more HydroWave GE Washer Repair Guide

Wont agitate or spin
by: Anonymous

Having the same problem, the washer will fill and drain water but will not agitate or spin. Took the cover off looking for the led light on the motor and cannot locate the light. Any suggestions?

by: Shawn

Keep in mind that if the one flash code is being flagged the light will blink once then it is off for 6 seconds. So basically it is off most of the time. Also you have to be looking at the right angle to see the light. But if the light isn?t blinking then the fuse is the problem more than likely. Check out this page there is a list of fault codes and it tells how to check the fuse.

HydroWave Washer Repair

Wont agitate or spin
by: Anonymous

Checked the fuse it tested fine. Turned off the lights in the room to help locate the light still cannot find it. I have tested the lid switch it tests ok. So kind of suck right now not knowing if the motor is working at all. Tried clearing motor codes even though i cant see the light and still nothing. Anymore suggestions?

by: Shawn

Assuming the motor is getting power the motor is more than likely bad.

You should have 110V between the red/white wire and the orange wire with lid closed and between the red/white and the red/black wires anytime.

There could be a commutation problem between the motor and the control but that wouldn’t cause the light go out so I believe you have a motor problem.

Wont agitate or spin
by: Anonymous

White/Red wire to either the black/red or orange has no power. But the white/red wire to ground reads 110. Does that mean the circuit board on motor is bad?

by: shawn

Are you sure the fuse isn’t blown? What you are describing sounds like a bad fuse. There shouldn’t be and voltage from the red/white to ground unless the fuse is blown. How did you check the fuse?

Check to see if you have voltage from the red/black to ground.

Wont agitate or spin
by: Anonymous

Checked fuse by both methods described to do. Yes there is power from the black/red to ground as well as the orange to ground. From looking at the electrical schematic and what u told me they should have power going between the black/red and the white/red but for some reason they dont. Guess it is about time just to buy a new washer.

by: Shawn

You have some kind of loose connection. The white/red wire comes right off the neutral wire straight to the motor. The only way you can get voltage from a neutral wire to ground is if it is broken and since the fuse is not blown then it is broken somewhere else. Since it will pump out and run water we can assume that it is not in the house wiring. It has got to be broken between the motor and the power cord.

You could change the fues just for kicks to see what it will do. If it fixes it fine if not you are just out a few dollars for a fuse.

One more thing just in case when you are testing the fuse make sure you set the meter on the lowest setting, so that you know if you get a reading then it is ok. If you got it set high it may read high resistance and seem ok but then read open when you set the meter lower. I have made this mistake before.

Thanks and side note
by: Brett

First, I want to thank you for this post. It was incredibly helpful in fixing my problem as well as saving me a ton of money! I can't believe how much I ended up learning in this process. I had no idea how to use a multimeter before. This site combined with YouTube was great.

As far as diagnosing and fixing the problem of not spinning etc. I would note that it is very important to check continuity of the lid switch before doing much else. My washer was giving me error code 4, which I thought was weird since it had just been working fine last week. When it started acting up, I would wipe the lid switch thinking it was coated in soap or something and not getting a connection (doing this must have been wiggling a lose wire or something) and it would then work. After the washer completely failed, I went though your check guide.

My "ah-ha" moment came when trying to clear the error code. I realized I probably couldn't clear it since lifting the lid wasn't doing anything. I then checked continuity to lid switch and quickly realized that was the problem. $15 later my washer is fixed. I was able to clear the error code and it has not come back (fingers crossed).

So, my advice, even if you may be getting a different error code, check the switch for good measure regardless.

my hydrowave wont agitate spin
by: jason

the led light on mine blinks for standby(1 second on/1 second off. it just fills and drains, i tried changing the lid switch with no results.

by: Shawn/admin

Your problem is most likely going to be the motor but it could also be the control. If you have the model number and a voltage meter I can try to help you diagnose this more accurately.

Washer won't run
by: Anonymous

Mine won't do anything and the light on the motor just keeps blinking every second. The lights on the panel all light up and change and I did cut wires to lid switch and bypassed and same result. I know your post says a continuos blink every second is stand by mode but what does that mean and what can be my problem. Thanks sam

wjre5550k1ww won't spin or agitate
by: theologian

washer seems to runs through cycles...fills and pumps OK, but no spin or agitation. Error code light (green) blinks continuously 1 sec on 1 sec off. Lid switch tests ok, hardwired it and still no change. Tried code change. Motor or control board?

Standby mode
by: Kevin

What is standby mode? My washer was working and stopped before it spun all the water out. The green light on the motor is constantly blinking, but yet the lights on the control panel aren't working.

by: shawn

Standby mode just means that the motor has no error codes and the control isn't giving it any commands to run.

When it gets a command to run (and don't have a error code) it still blinks continuously but twice the rate.


It seems that your problem isn't in the motor or the motor error codes. I would be looking to see if there is power coming to the control. Make sure the knob is actually turning the control and not just spinning on the shaft.

Thank you,

ge washer gtup27
by: peter

I have same problem the washing machine will fill with water and than nothing. wash cycle led is blinking. I activated diagnostin mode and it shows no fault codes. sometimes the wash led is blinking
(theres no code for blinking light) any idea whats broken. I did replaced lid switch. thank you

Won't agitate or spin
by: Tom

Obviously the washer fill but will not spin or agitate. No codes on the motor. I already changed the lid switch. How do I check the control is sending the commands. Something else I noticed, I used to hear the washer kind of click when I closed the lid. I am not hearing that. Should I check the inline fuse even though I see my green light blinking?

Also, This site is great I learned a ton on here.

No Agitate or Spin
by: Anonymous

Replaced the lid switch. The motor has no codes. The light is blinking. What else you think it could be?

Thanks Tom

by: shawn

If the fuse isn't bad and you don't see an error code 9 times out of ten it is the motor however it can be the control and a few times I have seen a loose wire at the motor so check for that. It will be hard to tell you how to check commands from the control because it is different for different models.

Thank you,

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