ge model wbsr3140g1ww timer/control knob broken

by Amy
(Phoenix, AZ)

The knob that control the timer sticks out and I can't seem to get it and the plate back on tight enough for the timer to work properly. I don't think there's anything wrong with the timer just that without the knob on tightly, it doesn't work correctly. Please help.

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Hi Amy,

Replacement parts in General Electric WBSR3140G0WW Washer

Either the knob is bad or the timer is loose and every time you try to put the knob on the timer just pushes back. The knob is more common but sometimes the timer will come loose. Take the cover off the control panel and look to see if the timer is loose and if so figure out why. It could be a broken tab or a loose screw. If there is a broken tab you have to figure out if the tab is broken on the timer or the control housing.

If you do not see anything wrong replace the timer knob.

Thank you,

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GE Washer knob and timer
by: Amy

Thanks for your response, Shawn. I FINALLY found the stupid clear plastic clip, removed it, and was able to remove the knob. Unfortunately, I have two issues now. The first being the loose timer like you said. The second, and much more important, my water heater died. At least one of the elements did. I replaced the one I thought was bad (yes, it was bad) and found the lower element to be on permanent vacation as well. Running the water heater with only the top element has created another problem. It leaks hot water all over and it's coming from the outer portion of the water heater. Messed up, I know! Going to Home Desperate to get another for the lower and see if that does fix it. If not, there will be what's left of a beaten to a pulp, hot water heater. Geez oh Pete - it's always something! Good thing I'm not afraid as well as very capable of doing these repairs myself or they wouldn't get done if I had to pay someone. I just need a little help with what could be/go wrong sometimes. I LOVE your site and as soon as I get a job (been 2 1/2 yrs) which isn't looking good, I'll donate, donate, donate! Thanks a million!

by: Shawn

I had a timer loose on a model just like yours the other day and I had to replace the entire backsplash assembly because the tab that holds the timer in place was broken. I have had this happen on older models and I could put a new screw, make a strap or something to that nature but the way this one is made it is hard to do anything like that. If you put any screws in the backsplash it will come right through the front.

I hope you get your hot water heater problem straight.

I am glad you like my site, I hope it helps you out on your repairs.

Thank you

DIY fix for this
by: HappyAg

I had the same problem with my water level switch....the plastic tabs broke off enough after repeated settings that the mechanism just fell away from the knob. Unwilling to shell out $85 plus shipping for a new backsplash panel, I devised this fix that tried my patience but seems to work. I'm also pretty handy and have the advantage of a little woodshop that shares space with laundry stuff.

I cut three pieces of wood to strategically fit beneath the metal plate of the control mechanism and used polyurethane glue to securely glue them onto the backsplash. (I do have photos, could not find a place to upload them). I took the mechanism apart, carefully noting how it all went together, and drilled angled holes close to the edges of the metal plate to screw into the outer pieces of wood (I used poplar wood). When the glue was fully cured I used appropriate sized wood screws and washers, screwed the mechanism down tight, replaced the panel and knob and have so far saved myself about $100 for about 1-1/2 hours time.

Disappearing water level switch
by: Anonymous

If too much inward pressure is applied to the water level control knob, the flimsy plastic tabs which hold the switch in place will break off and the switch fall away from the backsplash panel. I used Liquid Nails to glue the switch back onto the backsplash panel but this didn't last very long and the switch fell off again.

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