I have a GE electric oven that turns on by itself and all knobs are turned to off position. Display quickly goes anywhere from 225 - 375 up and down like it's possessed. Oven hasn't been used in awhile. Used a burner 3 hrs earlier. Only way to stop it was to turn the breaker off. Could unplug, but due to oven being hot and having to move it away from the wall...well that wasn't happening. The stove came with the house when I bought it, so estimated age maybe 12 - 13 y.o.

So, is it time to get some holy water and sprinkle the stove, chant and hope the demons leave? Orrrrr?

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This will almost have to be the main control (clock). This control, controls everything but the surface units. This part number for the board is WB27K10216

It is not hard to replace but sometimes you have to retrofit them to fit your model. If this is the case there will be detailed detailed instructions on how to install the part in the box with the part.

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