GE Hydrowave washer agitates unevenly and roughly.


I just replaced the fuse kit on my GE Hydrowave washer. When I tested it, it now spins smoothly but when it agitates it is rough and sounds like the tub is going to bounce off its mountings.

Model #WBSR3000G

Hi Joel,

Two things that will typically cause this: one is the sifter coil and the other is that the apron is sagging.

If the sifter coil is bad the entire tub will rotate during the wash cycle. Remove the front of the washer to watch it during wash and if the tub turns back and forth the sifter coil (mode sifter) is bad. To confirm locate the wires that go from the motor to the center sifter coil (in the center of the washer) then test for continuity between the two wires with the plug disconnected. If it is open you know for sure the coil is bad. The part number for the mode sifter coil is WH38X10017 Order Here.

If the apron is sagging the bottom of the motor will hit the bottom of the washer on a large load. Another indication that the apron may be sagging is the front will not stay on.

All of this and more on this page
GE HydroWave Noisy Washer Repair Guide

This page will help in replacing the sifter coil GE Washer Disassembly The pictures on this page are not of a HydroWave but disassembly is almost identical.

Thank You,

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Apron Sag
by: Chris

Thanks for posting this.. I have been dealing with this horendous squeak the last few weeks and today I pulled the front off to find the ears of the frame (around the motor) rubbing on the bottom of the washer.

Your page is the only page I have found that gives the explanation of the apron sag. And now, low and behold I cant get the front cover back on no matter what I try. I think you hit it right on the head.

This washer is less than 18 months old.
THANK YOU for posting the info !

Design Flaw
by: Shawn/ administrator

This is one of the disappointing things about this washer. I love the design and how quiet it is. Overall I like this washer but the apron was without a terrible design flaw, no doubt to save money for GE. See that apron use to make a full 360 around the top of the machine. This made it much stronger. When companies try to save money by cutting corners, consumers are the ones who pay.

In GE’s defense this washer isn’t breaking down nearly as often as it once was and I believe they have worked out all the flaws. Now it is what I believe to be one of the best washers on the market.

I realize that it is hard to tell that to someone with a broken down washer!

I also think that flaws such as the apron should never have happened!

Just my 2 cents.

Thank you,
Shawn/ administrator

by: Chris

Can you tell me if the new apron is redesigned? And also I am curious if I order the part number you advise WH49X10065, It appears that I also have to change the top, the white piece. why is that?

Can I be certain that that part number will fit my model.

I have a Hydrowave My Model is WJRR4170G2WW.

Besides this I am happy with the washer, it is the quietest washer I have ever had.
Your right about them designing it on the cheap to save money. THANK YOU for your help.

Part Number
by: Shawn/admin

Hi Chris,

Yes, that is the correct part number. I doubled checked just to be sure but it should fit any HydroWave washer with a three-piece apron, which yours has.

The reason you have to replace the top is because the new apron has a hook that fits into the top. This along with a screw you must install (reason you need a drill) is to give it the extra strength it needs.

It is not hard to install and it comes with good instructions.

Thank you,
Shawn/ administrator

by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for the explanation.

Mode Shifter
by: Jim

I have a GE WJRR4170G1WW washer. Will this apron fit my washer? Im going to need it.

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