GE front loader door will not lock to start the cycle.

by Patti
(Pittsburgh, PA)

My GE frontloader washer is only 2 years old. When I go to start the washer, the 'door lock' light comes on but it does not lock the door, therefore the washer will not start. I've tried unplugging the washer (even left it unplugged overnight) and then plugging it in and trying again. Same thing happens. Is there another way to reset the computer? Or is there a way to check a code?

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Hi Patti,

There is a way to check codes on this washer but I make it a point not to post it on this website because if you exit the service mode incorrectly it will damage the control board.

In any case the latch is most likely the problem. Even if you check the codes you still will not know for sure if the problem is the control board or the latch but this is typically the latch.

Thank you,

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How do I change the door latch
by: Patti

How do I change the door latch on my front load washer made by GE.


Changing The Door Latch
by: Shawn/admin

There are two ways to do this one is to take the front clamp off of the door latch and peel it back to access the door gasket. That is how I would do it but it is a little risky because you run the risk of ripping the door gasket and putting the front camp back on is tricky if you are not use to it. The other way is to take the top off the machine and reach down from the top to access the latch. This way is very aggravating to say the least but you don't have to deal with the door gasket. Either way you chose you have to remove the three screws on the front that hold the latch on.

One more thing, when you are finished make sure the wires and the plastic wire holder are back in place as they were to begin with because if not they can rip the door gasket.

Thank you,

ge front load door lock problem
by: JERI

We have a GE profile front load and had problem with door latch. Have been trying to get a serviceman here for 2 weeks. It is only 16 months old. "Plunger" on door broke right off. Ordered a new one online a attached it but still wont close and work. A new lock mechanism (if I knew how to replace it) costs $157.00 online. Still waiting for a service call from Sears.

need to know
by: louie

need to know if door wont lock to start cycle and wont open at end of cycle always stays stuck with one min. left and wont unlock is it lock or control board

Door latch
by: Shawn/admin

If it will not lock or unlock then I would think it was the door latch that is the problem. Typically if the door lock is the problem you will hear a loud click like it is trying to lock but it doesn’t. If you are hearing the click then go ahead and replace the door latch. I am currently working on a repair page about this very problem and I will post it when it is done.

by: de

I have a ge front loader washer the door won't lock I can hear it try a click but no lock. So I bought a new locking mechanism and latch I installed it and its still not locking just click! The door closes nice and flush no problem there......

Red lock won't turn off, washer want start
by: Anonymous

I tried unsuccessfully to unlock the washer to add laundry. Since then the red lock light has remained on, and the washing machine won't run. Does it just need to be reset? I don't know how to do this. (Tried holding start and delay at the same time. It didn't do anything.)

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