GE Fridge not cooling/dividing wall overheating

by JJT

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RE: Approx. 10 year old GE Fridge.

2 days ago, water started leaking/running/draining on the floor from under the front of fridge. Soon afterward the top half of freezer and refrigerator side stopped cooling. The bottom half retain a bit of a low temperature. Also, the front edge (as seen when one opens door) of middle of wall inside the fridge that separates both sides started getting very hot - We have since unplugged it.

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The divider being hot indicates the compressor is running high head pressure. This will cause the compressor to short cycle (turn off before cooling is achieved). The most common cause for this is the fan near the compressor isn’t running. Remove the back cover off the refrigerator to see if the fan is running. The fan should run whenever the compressor is on. If not take a look at this page GE Refrigerator Fan Motor Diagnostics

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