GE Dryer drum is rubbing on something

by Roger
(Greer, SC)

At first the GE dryer, model #DWSR405EB3WW was not turning when the start button was turned. The drum would start moving if I kept the door switch pushed in and turned the start knob and then turned the drum by hand. I took off the front, took out the drum and vacuumed the dryer out (thankfully I used a shop vac, but did not have a bag in it. That was a huge mistake, since the kitchen was covered in lint from it). The vacuuming seemed to fix the issue with the drum not turning initially. However now the drum will turn but the "lip" on the back of the drum is rubbing on something. Even when I have the top off. I can't see what might be rubbing against it. I am hesitant to take off the back of the dyer to see what might be rubbing against it in the bottom of the dryer since that may cause the heating element in the back wall of the dryer to have issues. The Drum Slides (part #AP631382) are evenly worn, but they are pretty worn needless to say. Would replacing the drum slides cause the rubbing to go away since the are a little less than half their original thickness, or is there something else that might be the culprit?

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Hi Roger,

The slides can wear completely out and it will not cause it to rub the back.

I suspect that when you took the drum out the sleeve bearing fell off the back of the drum and now you are hearing metal-to-metal rubbing sounds. Take the drum back out and look on the shaft in the center of the drum to see if there is a bearing or just a metal shaft.
If this isn’t the problem let me know and we will go from there.

Thank you,

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Tried the bearing approach
by: Roger

Thanks. I did try to make sure the bearing was seated properly. It looks like the bearing may not have been positioned where it was suppose to. I took everything back out and tried laying the dryer on it's back with the hope that it would give me a better idea of when the drum was situated properly since I could see the drum spin rather easily without much rubbing when I spun it by hand. I tipped the dryer back up and put the belt back on. I got everything back together and I don't think that the drum came out of place. I plugged it in and turned it on... but still the rubbing sound and feel happened. I am thinking that maybe it had something to do with me taking the motor out and cleaning it thoroughly. I am at a loss. I ended up just going to a scratch and dent store here in Greenville called "End Times Harvest Thrift store" and purchased a nice Maytag dryer for $175.

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