GE Dryer (DPSB620EC2WW) - Control Panel won't turn on.

by Jon
(Warrenton, Va)

The control panel on the dryer will not turn on. The dryer is getting power b/c the drum light comes on. I have tried the "Stop" button as that is supposed to take it out of Service mode and I have unplugged it for over 10 minutes to see if something would reset.

The belt seems fine so I don't think it's the belt switch. The only thing that sticks out is the Control Inlet Thermistor which has two wires running into the motherboard of the Control Panel. It did not pass a continiuty test. All other thermostats and the Outlet Control Thermistor have continuity.

Could a bad Control Inlet Thermistor cause the Control Panel not to turn on at all? Or is it more likely the Control Panel is fried? It looks like I will need to remove the drum to get the Inlet Thermistor out.

Thank you.

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Hi Jon,

The thermistor is not going to cause your problem. At room temperature it should be around 100 ohms.

I couldn’t find a service manual for your model but as far as I know the only thing that will cause your problem is the control itself.

Thank you,

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Jan 19, 2013
Lights on control will not come on
by: Anonymous

Try testing your electrical on your electrical outlet,if one half of your 240 volts is bad it will not allow your control panel to light up.
The control panel uses one of the 120 volts coming into your dryer.

Apr 09, 2015
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by: Clara R. Goodin

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