GE Bottom Freezer PDS22SBRAR not keeping temp

by Jerry Murphy

Noticed the temp in the freezer and frig were dropping...compressor and fan not kicking on....Placed a fan near the coils and this kept the temp from falling...dropped even more overnight. Have replaced the fan motor already, seems I wasted my money there as this had no effect. Any advice would be appreciated, Jerry Murphy

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Hi Jerry,

The only common link between the fan and the compressor is the main board. The only problem is this really doesn’t sound like a main board problem because typically the main board will cause the fan not to run or the compressor not to run. Usually it will not cause both not to run but it can.

With that being said lets treat it as if they were two separate problems. We will start with the fan because if the fan isn’t running it could be causing the compressor to overheat. If you have voltage meter read this page on fan motor diagnosing and tell me what you find.GE Refrigerator fan motor diagnoses

Thank you,

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Reply To Shawn
by: jerry

Have heard these boards have been a big problem Shawn. I can't test with my meter because I can't get to the pins to test them. They're covered with those white things (?), and my probes can't get to the wire...Am I missing something here? And which spot on the board is the compressor and the fan? Forgive my ignorance.....Thanks, Jerry

by: Shawn/admin

You will have to press the leads of the meter into the white plug. I do it all the time but your leads may not be as small as mine.

The compressor is at the bottom left. It is going to be the one with three wires. If you are going to test voltage there you will have to set the meter to 110V. Also the neutral wire is the orange wire on the plug next to it.

Check for voltage from line to the neutral wire. If you have no voltage there you have a loose connection somewhere.

If you do have voltage there check for voltage from the compressor terminal (it should be marked) to neutral. If you have voltage there you know there is power going to the compressor provided there isn?t a loose connection somewhere in between. If you do not have voltage there you know the main board isn?t calling for the compressor to be on. Which can mean the board is bad, the thermistors are bad or the user interface is bad.

There is a section on how to test thermistors on this page.

Everything at the bottom half of the board is 110V Ac and everything at the bottom is 14V DC or less.

One thing you may want to try is unplugging the user interface. The user interface is the electronic board that you use to adjust the settings on the refrigerator. If that board is bad it can cause your problem and unplugging it will cause the main board to revert to default. Note that it is very rare for this board to go bad but it is worth a shot.

I still think you need to try and diagnose the fan problem first.

I think you have a main board problem but I can?t say for sure. Like I said the main board will typically cause one or the other to fail but not both. This is because the low voltage side of the board controls the fans and the compressor is on the high voltage side of the board.

In any case I will try my best to help you figure this thing out but bare with me I normally only answer once or twice a day.

Compressor check
by: Jerry

Shawn, Finally rigged my multitester to get in those pins.......Have a reading at the fan, no "response" at the compressor. Does this mean that the board is most likely shot? My extra fan is still keeping my temperature constant. Will patiently await your response. Thanks again....Jerry

by: Shawn/admin

I believe you do have a main board problem but it is hard to know for sure.

Can you describe your fan problem in detail? You replaced the fan and the new fan didn’t work but you have the correct voltage at the board is this correct? Something isn't adding up.

Did you check for voltage at the plug as described on the page I sent you to?

Look on the back of the board for loose solder joints these boards are bad for that. Make sure you disconnect the power before doing so.

by: jerry

Yes, replaced the fan motor....still didn't work..checked voltage today and had voltage at the fan pins, nothing at the compressor pins...not sure by what you mean "at the plug". Wondering why it is still keeping temp. with my extra fan at the back...compressor is hot...I will take out the board and check for spots on the back, just don't want to waste all my food since its working right now...Thanks, jerry

Main Board
by: Shawn/admin

Sorry, I was under the impression this whole time that the compressor wasn’t coming on. Clearly that isn’t the case if the refrigerator is still cooling. I am almost sure the main board is your problem. I hope this helps!

by: Jerry

Thanks for your help Shawn....Wish I would have come here before I replaced the fan, at least I know how to replace one now....Didn't notice any burn marks on the back of the old board, but that was the problem. I'll let my friends know about this site. Take care, Murf

Glad to help and sorry for the misunderstanding about the compressor.

Thank you very much!


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