gas oven heats then turns off

by Evelyn

My gas oven (Frigidaire #GLGFS66CBA) heats up and works just fine for about 20 or 30 minutes. Then the illuminated numbers on the top panel (temperature, clock, timer) go out and the oven stops heating. After it cools down for 15 to 20 minutes the top panel makes a buzzing sound and blinks back on and I can re-set the temperature and start baking again. Is this something I can fix myself?

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Hi Evelyn,

Here are Replacement parts in Backguard section of FRIGIDAIRE GLGFS66CBA Frigidaire/gas Range

I believe your electronic control/clock is bad. It is not that hard to replace it just depends on what you are comfortable doing.

On some ovens accessing the control board is harder than replacing the board.

You will either have to remove the back cover of the control panel or remove the front. On most ranges you remove the back so start there.

Make sure you know where the wires go back on the new control and don’t remove any wires until you have the new control.

Your old control will have a overlay that sticks on the front of the control. Carefully remove the overlay and transfer it over to the new control. Make sure it is in the correct position and press down to seat the glue and to make it lay flat.

I hope this helps!!

Thank you,

Shawn/ administrator

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by: Anonymous

had the same proeblem w/ a kenmore 665.75133300- service tech gave the same diagnosis- paid $200 for new part vs $450 for tech to do it - didnt fix it - now what?

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