Frigidaire #GLHS267ZAQ0 Unstable Coolng Pattern

by Joe

Frigidaire GLHS267ZAQ0
Was working great i put some produce on one of the shelves and it kinda got a bit icy...So i turned down the control to next lower number and the fridge warmed up to +50 for about 3or 4 days then to +70 for 3 or 4 days and back and fourth... The compressor is running as well as condenser fan the fans inside the freezer/Fridge are also running but turn off way too soon

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Hi Joe,

First rule out the chance that you have a defrost problem by looking at that back wall of the freezer and if it has heavy frost/ice then you have a defrost problem.
This model has a damper that is controlled by a thermostat and there is another thermostat that controls how long the compressor runs.

If the freezer is working fine when the fresh food temperature goes to 70 degrees. Then the damper is closed and my guess is that the thermostat that operates the damper is bad but it could be the damper itself.
If the freezer isn’t working at all when the fresh food temperature goes up then the problem could be the thermostat that controls how long the compressor runs.

Thank you,

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